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By Chris Lott


Having some friends over for dinner the other night, the conversation began to veer towards politics and country. Normal activity for my wife and I with these politically like-minded friends of over 40 years. This time, however, it was different. There was a sincere lack of hope and a real feeling of despair over credible elections. “Why bother” became the answer for everything we discussed.

Why bother.

I suggested we vote out and/or replace the politicians that serve self interests and dark money. On both sides of the aisle. “Become an activist and fight, fight, fight” was my solution. With arms in the air, “They stole the election Chris, why bother?” was their reply. I had no response.

Over the years we watched Bill Clinton win because of the Ross Perot distraction. Barack Obama won because of a lack of message and political fortitude from our candidates. While sorely disappointed, we got over it. The nation had made their decision.

This time it was different. We watched the media, tech oligarchs, so-called republicans and liberal/socialist mouthpieces literally terrorize our duly elected President for 4 years. Not unheard of but this time it was at an all new level. For a second term, a majority of the nation’s voters wanted to show support and direction with huge rallies and votes. They were energized in a way I have never witnessed before. And then something happened on election night. The big steal.

There has been debate, lies and cover-up on what really happened. That’s not the point. The point is there are 70+ million voters that no longer have faith in our electoral system. This is exactly what my wife and friends were alluding to. This is a huge problem for our country.

Can we get past this?

I don’t think so. The current administration has no intent or real desire to help either. They are bound and determined, by force if necessary, to silence the dissenters. Especially on thinking the election was stolen. They have no issue with cramming their policies/executive orders down the throats of Americans without due process. They preach unity and offer none. They believe they can disparage and slander conservative voices into submission. And, quite honestly, it’s working at some level.

So do we just give up then?

Of course not. We are a clever lot. The pain is now at a level that will drive Americans to action. A push to silence conservative voices will only make them louder. President Trump pulled back the curtain on the true corruption of the election process, deep state and fake media. Our eyes are forever open regardless of their efforts to shut them. We still have a voice and won’t be silenced. And there are some positives to latch on to.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

A couple of things that can help with the “why bother” syndrome is realizing that there are plenty of things that happened that will be very helpful in the long run. Judges for example.

Federal Judges: “Trump appointed 54 federal appellate judges in four years… Trump “flipped” the balance of several appeals courts from a majority of Democratic appointees to a majority of Republican appointees.” – How Trump compares with other recent presidents in appointing federal judges. These judges have the final word on most legal appeals around the country. They can help with attaining credible elections.

Supreme Court Judges: There were three conservative leaning Supreme Court justices just appointed – Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. They’re all age 55 or younger with statistics showing they will most likely serve 20+ years. – Pew Research Center

In Conclusion.

It is imperative that we, as a people, keep working towards fair and credible elections. There are 70+ million of us… and as the Democrats keep cramming their far-left agendas down Americans throats there will be more. Democrat ideology will implode. We need to call out fraud, push for voter-id and educate ourselves, friends and family. We have to be valiant here. We just can’t throw up our arms and succumb to the “why bother” mantra.

I am voting with my pocket book for those that support credible elections and conservatism like MyPillow and others. I am not supporting mainstream media and social media that lie and suppress. I will speak out in creative ways as they come to light. And they will. We will not be silenced on election fraud. It is not hopeless.

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