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I have explained why I refuse to refer to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez by her preferred AOC. Cortez has never done anything to earn a moniker like JFK, FDR, or LBJ. As a matter of fact, Cortez has done nothing of note in her tenure in Congress. She has yet to have a bill passed that she authored since her first day in Washington in 2019.

She and her fellow Squad members, Pressley, Omar, and Tlaib, have been more disruptive than productive since they came on the scene. For some reason, Cortez attracts camera coverage, but when she does, she does nothing to elevate her stature. Cortez usually tries to make a point only to make a fool of herself.

Such was the case this week when she tried to show the difference between Democrats and Republicans on the subject of Immigration. Every argument she used to prove her point was not only off the mark but factually incorrect.

Cortez accused Republicans of having no plan on Immigration, and the Democrats have the plan and answers to all the immigrant problems.

Her Claims:

  • Democrats want to issue work permits to nearly 500,000 illegal migrants.
    • First, the migrants are here illegally and should be deported, but next, why are the Democrats keying on only Venezuelan migrants?
  • Democrats support women and children crossing the Border, and Republicans have no compassion for either group
    • The cameras do not lie. The stream of illegals crossing the Rio Grande into Texas is primarily military-aged individuals and very few family units. As for her claim about women and children, not only is this flow of people unsafe for women who are raped at will, over 300,000 unattended children have crossed the Border, but the Biden Administration has “Misplaced” 85,000. These children have no known address or sponsor, and many are thought to now be involved in illegal work farms or are in the sex trade. This facet of the plan is what the Democrats call humane.
  • Democrats claim they are concerned with the conditions and welfare of the origin countries where these migrants originated.
    • The truth is these migrants are traced to over 150 countries worldwide. Taking in large numbers of adolescents and young men is stripping these poverty-ridden countries’ present and future workforce.
  • Democrats believe the Border is closed and secure
    • Nearly each day in September saw a record number of illegals crossing into Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Some days they have exceeded 10,000 migrants entering America.

Cortez knows she is lying just as she did when she staged the photo-op at the Border years ago, crying at the sight of caged families. She, like all Democrats, will not go to the Border now because if they do, the Media will follow, and then they will need to report on the real story. Democrats know they are destroying this country with the seven to ten million unvetted immigrants that will enter during Biden’s first term. That destruction is their plan. God knows it is working.

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