Convicting A Gun-Toting Addict Doesn't Legitimize Trump Lawfare


Left-wing talking heads spent Tuesday morning gloating that the justice system is working just fine after President Joe Biden’s son was convicted on three felony charges. But it’s only because they desperately want to convince the American public that convicting Hunter for the least damning allegations he could be charged with justifies their use of lawfare against former President Donald Trump.

Hunter was found guilty for lying on application paperwork while addicted to drugs to obtain a firearm and unlawfully possessing said firearm.

MSNBC’s legal analyst Andrew Weissmann said the ruling proved President Biden was the “embodiment of the rule of law” because he “could have ordered, at any time, his Justice Department to get rid of this case.”

While President Biden may not have directly ordered his DOJ to “get rid of this case,” the DOJ slow-walked its investigation into Hunter, allowing the statute of limitations to expire on his alleged tax evasion between 2014 and 2015, as IRS whistleblowers have alleged. During that time frame, Hunter was being paid as much as $83,000 per month to sit on the board of a Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, where his primary contribution appeared to be the Biden “brand” and access to his father, who was then-vice president. Hunter will face separate tax charges in September after failing to pay more than $1.4 million in taxes that have since been paid back by his Hollywood patron Kevin Morris.

Weissmann also said he is “less interested in the particulars of the case” and more interested that the conviction can be used to juxtapose Biden’s response to the verdict and Trump’s response to his sham trial’s guilty verdict.

NBC’s chief political analyst Chuck Todd also used the verdict to claim the justice system is based on “fairness” before trying to smear Trump for questioning the verdict in his trial.

CNN’s Kate Bedingfield, who formerly worked as the White House Communications Director under Biden, said the verdict “undermines the argument that Trump’s been making about Joe Biden weaponizing the justice system.”

But as these left-wing talking heads make clear with their comments, the usefulness of Hunter’s conviction has little to do with the “rule of law” and everything to do with bolstering the left’s claims that the justice system is not being weaponized against Trump.

The left has hinged a November victory on the success of lawfare efforts against Trump. It’s no surprise that they are pouncing on the younger Biden’s trial as an opportunity to pretend the two convictions are in some way comparable.

The leftist logic goes: If President Biden can say he respects the rule of law for a crime that is clearly articulated and has been around for decades, then Trump should also respect what happens when a prosecutor who ran on a “get Trump” agenda charges him under a novel legal theory in a case overseen by a Biden donor.

Yet, if the “rule of law” actually mattered to these pundits, there would be outrage that Biden’s Department of Justice “disregarded the victims who were sexually exploited by Hunter Biden” after Hunter allegedly paid prostitutes “and used such payments as tax expenses for one of his companies,” as summarized by the House Oversight Committee. Or perhaps they would be furious that Hunter never registered as a foreign agent despite admitting to the committee that he was being paid by Chinese Communist Party-linked businesses. But those charges would be too far, because the goal isn’t to actually have any accountability for Hunter — or his father, who has been implicated in the aforementioned alleged crimes. The goal is to justify the “get-Trump” lawfare.

In fact, if the “rule of law” mattered so much there would be charges for dozens of others, including Hillary Clinton, every illegal migrant, everyone involved in Benghazi, Democrats who flouted their own lockdown rules during the pandemic, the “Black Lives Matter” rioters who caused more than $2 billion worth of damage to private and federal property, and everyone involved in Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile ring, as my colleague Jordan Boyd points out.

Brianna Lyman is an elections correspondent at The Federalist.

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