Conservatives Sound Alarm: Hunter Biden Verdict Is a Distraction 'Don't Fall for It'


Conservative candidates and commentators issued a warning just minutes after the Hunter Biden guilty verdict was announced on Tuesday.

The younger Biden was found guilty of three felony gun charges, including purchasing a gun illegally while being addicted to drugs.

Despite the apparent victory for conservatives, many warned that Hunter is still protected.

“Hunter Biden made millions of dollars as an unregistered foreign agent, but the DOJ doesn’t want you focused on that,” Arizona Republican congressional candidate Blake Masters wrote in an X post.

“So they gave him a smaller firearms charge, just so the Democrats can claim ‘nobody is above the law’ while covering for the Bidens’ corruption,” Masters said.

A mountain of evidence has shown that Joe Biden was pimped as the principal product in the influence-peddling scheme peddled by Hunter.

China funneled millions of dollars to Hunter and his businesses, with a cut going to the “big guy” – Joe Biden.

Hunter’s access to his father earned him $30,000 per month in payments from the Ukraine energy company Burisma.

End Wokeness account noted, “Hunter Biden is a red herring,” adding, “The real person of interest in the Ukraine bribery/laundering is the Big Guy.”

“We all know exactly who that is.”

The slam-dunk prosecution of Hunter on a charge is much different from the foreign bribery allegations that implicated Joe Biden. This is what they want you distracted from.

As conservative commentator Charlie Kirk warned Americans, “Hunter Biden guilty. Yawn.”

“The true crimes of the Biden Crime Family remain untouched.”

“This is a fake trial trying to make the Justice system appear ‘balanced.’

“Don’t fall for it.”

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