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By Chris Lott


President Trump, regardless of what you thought of him, “walked the walk”. Oh, naysayers like Ann Coulter and others didn’t think so… and yet his accomplishments speak differently. Accomplishments that were fraught with intense adversity and personal cost. He was willing to put himself “out there” surrounded by conservative cowards.

In comparison, I watch the so-called conservative talking heads pound their fists on their podiums patting themselves on their backs of how eloquent they were. They start investigations and committees to get to the bottom of things. We, in-turn, share their “bravery” to all that will listen. Then the next day, like a bad hangover, we realize their diatribe didn’t really matter. It was just a bunch of hot air without real action unfortunately.

We are part of the problem.

There is no doubt that social media oligarchs are not supportive of anything conservative. And yet, while complaining, we still support these venues. To make a change is not really worth the effort it seems. My pictures, my family/friends, my business are reasons we give. We justify staying with the suppressors because it’s, well, easier. We need to be more like Shay and stop being conservative cowards.

“What once connected the world, and brought business opportunity… has now become a place of division, [un]righteousness, and some billionaire playing god w/ our content. This is no longer the app I knew and loved. As w/ anything that does not serve my highest good – it had to go.” – Shay Rowbottom (excerpt about getting rid of Facebook).

There must be real action. To simply regurgitate our unhappiness with the left is not enough. Does it change anything without action? Really?

Are Republicans stupid?

Of course not. But their loyalties and honesty are disgusting many times. Now that the tide has turned Democrat how the rats are jumping from the ship. The Republicans will eat their own which includes President Trump. They ask favors of support like Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell to only later stab him in the back. They are cowards.

The left, and it seems Republicans as well, are more than happy to pigeon hole conservatives as Trump fanatics. The truth is we are committed to him because he stands for principles and directions long lost by Republican “leaders”. He gave us a voice which through a stolen election we have lost again.

How did the Republican party not know the election “steal” was in? Why did they not take action early on. Are they really that stupid? Why are they so willing to drop the subject going so far as to persecute those that have spoken out. Because they are cowards.

I am committed to making changes. You?

So, just to be clear, I am not talking about changes that are in theory. I am dedicated to changes for myself and my posterity. I want a better system and world for them. I am talking the talk and walking the walk. Here are few changes I’ve started with:

– I had 17 thousand twitter followers that were personal and business for years. I cancelled all my twitter accounts.

– I am in the process of deleting my Facebook account and no longer post there. I now support MeWe.

– I have built a website with conservative links and personal articles that has taken a huge effort on my part.

– I invest in candidates and not a party.

– I contact representatives to show my support or non-support.

– I am active in multiple activism groups.

– I vote/support with my wallet in companies that support conservative principles.


There are plenty of Republicans that are good conservatives. The party however needs changes or we need to start another. Power and greed has taken over. Depending on which way the money is flowing does their loyalty belong. I can not support these conservative cowards any longer. You?

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