Confused: LGBT’ers Back Hamas in War Against Pro-Gay Israel


Last Updated on November 19, 2023

Radically left-wing LGBT groups and online influencers associated with the LGBT movement have flocked to support the Palestinian cause amid the ongoing war in Gaza, with some of them even being accused of openly supporting Hamas. Notably, homosexuality is outlawed in Palestinian-controlled Gaza, as well as the West Bank, and is punishable with years in prison or, as is often the case in the Islamic world, death by vigilantes.

A pair of videos posted to X by End Wokeness gives a side-by-side look at the confused commentary of a pro-LGBT TikTok influencer, who in one video markets a book club “for the girls, gays, and theys” before donning an Islamic Hijab in another, apparently in response to the conflict in Gaza.

“In wearing a Hijab, my autism is loving this! It’s loving this! I feel so safe and sound,” she says in the video.

“I think that I would look for something similar, even if I wasn’t part of Islam,” she goes on.

“I feel swaddled. This feels fantastic! It feels fantastic! I love it!” she adds.

Watch the two videos below: 

The pro-LGBT TikTok influencer is one of countless who’ve bizarrely expressed sympathies for Islam and the Palestinian cause in recent weeks.

In the United States and around the Western world, LGBT groups like the notorious Queers for Palestine, and others, have held and attended rallies where they’ve been accused of supporting Hamas.

But as National File recently reported, LGBT affection for Islam is not reciprocated in the Middle East, where Palestinian Muslims have outright rejected the support of the LGBT movement, calling its adherents an “abomination” and declaring that they are unwelcome in the “pure land of Palestine.”

Prominent Palestinian Sheikh Mohammed Sleem Ali elaborated on Palestine’s feelings toward LGBT’ers in a 2022 sermon:

“Our Muslim Palestinian people will not accept a single homosexual declaring his abomination,” Ali declared in his 2022 message to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

“Will you allow a single homosexual on the land of Jerusalem and Palestine? Will you allow that?” he asked the congregation.

“NO!” they replied.

“Our people will not allow there to be institutions that promote this abomination on the blessed, and pure land of Palestine,” Ali went on. “They will not allow any omission or change to the laws of the sharia’a nor will they accept curricula that go against the laws of Islam.”

“Oh Muslims, follow the example of your messenger,” he said. “Trample underfoot anything that is prohibited, haram, and contradicts the religion of Islam,” he added, before calling for the end of integrated male and female academic settings and then pivoting back to rejecting homosexuality.

“We hereby declare that we reject and abhor all the manifestations of homosexuality and perversion. Allah tormented and annihilated the people of Sodom for engaging in this crime. We stress our absolute rejection of the existence of institutions that encourage homosexuality and promiscuity.”

“We demand that these institutions be shut down immediately. Such phenomena are an obstacle to victory and they bring the wrath of Allah down on all of us.”

Sitting as the polar opposite of Palestine on homosexuality and the wider LGBT movement is Israel, which is one of the most pro-gay nations on earth.

Throughout the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, members of the IDF have flown gay pride flags, and several sexually charged photos and videos featuring homosexual acts among Israeli soldiers have been posted to social media.

The Israeli government even boasted in a post to X that its forces had raised “the first ever pride flag” in Gaza, apparently conquering the Islamic region on behalf of the LGBT community.

The Israeli government promotes homosexuality among the IDF ranks on official social media channels.

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