Community Note on WaPo’s Dave Portnoy hit piece is ‘another nail in the coffin of journalism’


As we told you yesterday, the Washington Post went ahead and published their hit piece on Barstool’s Dave Portnoy even after the hackery of one of their reporters was fully exposed for all to see (and hear). 

The Post should be highly embarrassed by this cheap attempt at activist journalism, but they won’t be:

WaPo was basically trying to create a story by convincing sponsors to pull out of the event. When that didn’t happen, they published the story anyway.


“None of the pizzerias or sponsors contacted by The Post indicated that they were pulling their support.” That, in spite of WaPo reporters’ best efforts. Ah, “journalism.”

How about that Community Note though?

The Post canceled a scheduled follow-up call with Portnoy after their reporter got wrecked during the first conversation:

The Washington Post just keeps covering themselves in journalistic glory.

We wouldn’t be against that happening.

Attaching Community Notes to Washington Post stories could be a full-time job for several people.


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