Communist Facebook Suspends Matt Couch’s Account for 30 Days Over Reporting Liberal LOON Kieth Olbermann Calling Trump ‘Baby Hitler’


This is one of the damndest things we’ve reported in quite some time in regards to censorship in America, but our own Matt Couch has been suspended for 30 days on Facebook over reporting the news. That’s it, that’s the article.

A few days ago, liberal loon Keith Olbermann called former President Donald J. Trump “Baby Hitler” on Twitter in this tweet.

This is the article Matt Couch shared on Facebook from The DC Patriot.

Here’s the tweet that the lovely Keith Olbermann made on Twitter, that didn’t get him suspended, and he literally called a former United States President “Baby Hitler.” Yet Matt Couch gets suspended for reporting what he said? Really Facebook?

Here’s the notice that Couch received from Facebook Friday morning.

So our founder can’t post for 30 days because he reported what a liberal lunatic said on Twitter? How is this free speech in America? How is this legal? Should Couch sue Facebook?

What are your thoughts America?

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