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The student editors of the Columbia Law Review demanded that exams be cancelled over their trauma from witnessing and experience police “violence” against anti-Israel protesters.

The students made their demand in a letter sent out on Thursday after police liberated the college’s Hamilton Hall from pro-Hamas protesters on Tuesday and arrested about a hundred people.

“As the Administrative Board of student editors of the Columbia Law Review, we urge the Law School to cancel exams and give all students passing grades for their work throughout the semester,” the letter read in part.

“The violence we witnessed last night has irrevocably shaken many of us on the Review. We know this to be the same for a majority of our classmates. Videos have circulated of police clad in riot gear mocking and brutalizing our students. The events of last night left us, and many of our peers, unable to focus and highly emotional during this tumultuous time,” they continued.

Police were assaulted by protesters after they forced their way into Hamilton Hall and forcibly dragged out the protesters. While the damage to the hall was great, it paled in comparison to the deep emotional trauma that the students suffered throughout the ordeal.

This only follows the growing distress that many of us have felt for months as the humanitarian crisis abroad continues to unfold, and as the blatant antisemitism, islamophobia, and racism on campus have escalated. Our response is not disproportionate to the outsized impact it has had on many of us in the community— a crowd of people that proudly represent their membership in a white supremacist, neo-fascist hate group were storming our campus just days ago.

“The current exam policy raises concerns around equity and academic integrity,” the statement continued. “Many are unwell at this time and cannot study or concentrate while their peers are being hauled to jail.”

A group of anti-Israel protesters have filed a lawsuit against the university over the alleged racist “harassment” they faced during the occupation of the hall.

Thursday morning, several police agencies joined the LAPD in crashing through barricades at UCLA and dismantling the pro-Hamas encampment that several students had constructed. Protesters tried to fight back by spraying police with unidentified chemicals.

In one comical incident lampooned online, several UCLA protesters rushed at police with makeshift shields fashioned out of garbage cans, and they were unceremoniously wrestled to the ground.

More than 200 protesters were arrested in that police action, and the encampment was completely obliterated.

Here’s more about the liberation of Columbia:

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