Co-Host of ‘The View’ Gets Gross Fawning Over 29-Year-Old Singer


I’ve long labored under the idea that the co-hosts of “The View,” the world’s worst morning talk show, are morally depraved harpies who get their jollies by going on air and hissing about issues they know absolutely nothing about. 

I was right. 

One of the program’s co-hosts, Ana Navarro, stated that she would love an opportunity to “breastfeed” a 29-year-old Colombian singer named Maluma. I want you to run that last line back and read it a second time. Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the voices influencing female voters in modern-day America. Is it any wonder we’re in a mess? 

The Daily Caller reports that Navarro discussed recently attending one of Maluma’s concerts with a friend of hers before attending the “Make-A-Wish Ball” in Miami while her husband was at home sick with the flu. She recalled how she “drooled” over the singer while he stood mere feet away from her during his performance. This woman is seriously gross. 

And if that wasn’t enough to make you want to toss your cookies, Navarro went on a little rabbit trail about rock star Sting. 

“Oh, and can we talk about Sting? He is the sexiest 72-year-old you ever saw or heard. He is magic. Tonight, I’m taking a melatonin and not waking up for 12 hours. Buenas noches,” she stated.

What in the world is going on with this woman? Why is she so “randy,” as the kids in the 1960s used to say? I mean, is this really the kind of content people want to hear about these days? Let me off the ride right now. Please.

Here’s more about Navarro and her propensity — along with her colleagues on the show — to make spicy remarks on air:

Navarro has made strange and mildly sexual remarks during her television appearances on “The View,” as have her fellow co-hosts. Navarro once said in an Oct. 28, 2022 segment she was too fat to send nude pictures and has never had any “chubby chasers” after her.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg left her fellow co-hosts almost speechless while going into detail about the difficulty of having sex in a pool. Co-host Joy Behar overshared she only needs one man to find her “g-spot” rather than sleep around with several guys during an Oct. 5 segment.

Did anyone else throw up in their mouths while reading this? So nasty. 

Apparently, “The View” is just a bunch of horny older women sitting around talking dirty on live television while also spouting the absolute worst political rhetoric anyone can come up with. Who watches this junk? Does this show really have an audience? If so, why?

I can’t figure out what kind of value this program possibly provides for viewers. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by this garbage since liberalism is a mental disorder, a point this nonsense makes even more clear. If you are currently getting your news and opinions on the most important topics of the day from this show, please stop.

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