CNN Host’s JAW DROPS When Told Who Black Voters Have Picked for 2024 – WATCH


As Joe Biden continues to lose swaths of support from black voters, CNN host Phil Mattingly wasn’t prepared for who they are picking for 2024.

The moment came after CNN chief national correspondent John King interviewed people on the streets of Milwaukee, returning to Mattingly with a major warning for Democrats.

Speaking with black voters in a man-on-the-street style interview, King asked canvasser for Black Leaders Organizing for Communities, Devonta Johnson, if Biden could win re-election.

Johnson didn’t mince words, saying, “Yeah, he would, he’d have a big problem.”

King continued, asking:

“If it were just Biden and Trump, who would you vote for?”

Johnson laughed;

“That’s just a tough one.”

Mattingly was speechless.

“It’s just stunning — young man there, ‘I don’t know who I’m going to vote for,’ young black man in Milwaukee,” King said.

The host suggested that Vice President Kamala Harris’ “visibility” would be important in the 2024 election.

Mattingly finally said:

“My jaw literally dropped at the end of that piece when he didn’t say who he was going to —”

King interjected:

“21-year-old young black man, in the activist community — doesn’t know. Because he sees — he looks at Washington, and says, ‘What are they doing that’s relevant to my life? Nothing.”


As The Daily Fetched reported last week:

Democrats are in panic mode as they scramble to keep black voters, who are waking up in droves to the party’s profound brainwashing.

Black voters are trending away from the Democratic Party, a sign that spells doom for next year’s US presidential election.

“After a lot of hand-wringing in recent years, elections next month in Mississippi and Virginia — two Southern states with large Black populations — will offer one final, robust read going into 2024 on the extent of the slippage among Democrats’ most reliable bloc of voters,” Politico noted, adding: “The warning signs have been flashing.”

As Conservative Brief Reports:

Black voters have supported Democrats, and in overwhelming numbers, for decades. But Biden’s approval rating has been declining among the voting bloc compared to white voters, contributing to a steep decline in support.

Meanwhile, last week, a Republican was elected governor of Louisiana — sitting Attorney General Jeff Landry — for the first time in eight years, suggesting “diminished voter enthusiasm in the areas with the largest black populations,” Politico noted.

“And just this week, a prominent Democratic data firm published a report outlining declining support for Democrats in last year’s midterm elections among younger black voters, black men and black voters without college degrees,” said Politico.

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