‘Climate change is here. It is terrifying’: UN chief refers to ‘global boiling’ while peddling climate alarmism agenda


United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres promoted the climate alarmism agenda during remarks on Thursday, even using the term “global boiling” during his speech.

“Climate change is here. It is terrifying. And it is just the beginning,” he warned. “The era of global warming has ended,” he asserted. “The era of global boiling has arrived. The air is unbreathable. The heat is unbearable. And the level of fossil fuel profits and climate inaction is unacceptable,” he declared.

Guterres’ comments just add to the constant chorus of climate alarmism being broadcast by many figures.

For instance, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate who lost the 2016 presidential contest to Republican Donald Trump, recently raised eyebrows by claiming that Republicans are to blame for high temperatures.

“Hot enough for you? Thank a MAGA Republican. Or better yet, vote them out of office,” Clinton wrote.

She made the absurd accusation when retweeting a post in which the Center for American Progress Action Fund had claimed “MAGA Republicans are pouring fuel on the climate crisis fire.”

President Joe Biden, who is also a purveyor of the climate alarmist agenda, has called climate change “the existential threat to humanity.”

BlazeTV host Glenn Beck has pointed out that there is a history of climate alarmism. “In fact, the only constant over the last hundred years of climate fear-mongering,” Beck said, is that “the experts insist that unless we do what they say right now, the world will end.”

Climate Myths DEBUNKED: The Real Reason Elites Want You Terrified of Global Warming | Ep 291www.youtube.com

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