China’s 370 Acre Project Near US Air Force Base in North Dakota Has Many Very Concerned


A new Chinese agricultural project near Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota is causing alarm from General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, a leading United States drone manufacturer next door.

The business, which build the Predator drone and has a substantial presence near Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota, called the US Government to stop the Fufeng Group’s plans to build a large-scale corn milling plant on 370 acres in Grand Forks.

The company says they are expressing grave concerns about this being a significant threat to US National Security.

The company stated that the confidentiality of new weapons would be jeapardized if General Atomics used the local airspace to “conduct significant test and evaluation efforts related to unmanned aircraft, radar systems, and other advanced military technologies.”

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“Chinese business efforts are inextricably linked with Chinese government efforts,” said General Atomics spokesman C Mark Brinkley. “We can’t ignore the opportunity for sophisticated military espionage to co-locate itself within a Chinese business of such scale and scope,” he said.

Brinkley added that American policymakers should be highly concerned, given the proximity to crucial national airspace and sensitive military operations at and around Grand Forks Air Force Base.

General Atomics stated that it has been operating in the Grand Forks area for over a decade and uses a 20-acre location for worldwide training for the US and allied military troops employing its technology.

“We understand the significant economic opportunities this proposed agricultural project represents for the people of Grand Forks and the state of North Dakota,” Brinkley said. “But no measure of assurances from the company can ever offset the tremendous risk being introduced.”

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This project has been subject for debate for months. The $700 million project by FuFeng Group is expected to be build near a US Air Force facility, fueling speculation of potential espionage.

Major Jeremy Fox asserts that the Chinese project fits into a pattern of covert espionage activities by China that target Department of Defense locations by encroaching on business and economic development programs.

The Major also suggested that because Fufeng project is located in such a small geographic area, passive receiving devices might be used to eavesdrop on secret communications made and received by drones and spacecraft traveling to and from the facility.

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