China In Focus Full Broadcast (Dec. 26)


Could China shut down American weapons if war broke out? We take a deep dive into the Pentagon supply chain’s China problem.

The U.S. Navy receives its first unmanned submarine prototype from a defense contractor, as Beijing seeks to overtake Washington’s technical upper hand by its sheer number of vessels.

  1. How China Could Shut Down U.S. Weapons
  2. Fisher: Subsidies Needed to Bolster U.S. Rare Earth
  3. Chinese Company Buys Canadian Rare Earth Metals
  4. Fire Inside Nickel Smelter Kills 18 in Indonesia
  5. U.S. Navy Receives First Unmanned Submarine
  6. China Sanctions U.S. Firm, Researchers
  7. Xi Vows to Reunify with Taiwan on Mao’s Birthday
  8. Japan Approves Record Defense Spending for 2024
  9. Russia Strengthens Defense Cooperation with N. Korea
  10. Report Finds CCP Tried to Meddle in 2022 Election

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