China in Focus Full Broadcast (Dec. 19)


Declassified U.S. intelligence says the Chinese regime tried to meddle in the 2022 midterm elections. That report details tools like AI, fake social media accounts, and harassment aimed at U.S. candidates.

Over 120 are dead after an earthquake in northwest China. Rescue work is in full swing, but reports say authorities are refusing aid workers from outside the disaster zone.

Was the Chinese Communist Party involved in a violent San Francisco attack? A bipartisan House panel is asking the Justice Department for answers.

We take a closer look at China’s spiraling economy, as signs hint that Beijing’s finances are swinging away from the West.

Topics in this episode:

  1. China Tried to Influence 2022 Midterm Elections: Report
  2. 120+ Dead After Earthquake Hit Northwest China
  3. U.S. Panel Demands DOJ Investigate San Fran Attack
  4. Lawmakers Ask Dod to Reject Exports to DJI
  5. COVID-19 Subvariant JN.1 Arrives in U.S.
  6. New African Swine Fever Variant from China: Taiwan
  7. Internet Users Warned Not to Criticize Chinese Economy
  8. Near-Empty Airports and Fewer Foreigners: China
  9. UK National Grid Removes Parts from China-Backed Company
  10. U.S. Court Orders Binance to Pay $2.7B Fine
  11. ‘Politics in the Chinese Sense Is War’: Gen. Spalding

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