Candace Owens and Megyn Kelly just had a HEATED debate over Palestine


Support for Palestine has been growing rapidly on college campuses, and some conservatives are calling for the cancellation of these students from the job market.

One of these conservatives is Megyn Kelly, who recently posted on X that if college students “are not ‘persuaded’ that murdering babies is wrong, there is no ‘persuading’ them. We don’t hire those who do the killing & we don’t hire those who applaud the killers while the savagery is underway.”

That’s when Candace Owens jumped in to disagree, calling Kelly’s argument “disingenuous.”

Owens continued to recall her own college days, when she was “radically pro-choice” and was glad she “didn’t get put on a conservative black list for wanting babies murdered.”

“As it turned out I was just young and temporarily brainwashed from a public school education coupled with mainstream Hollywood lies and not because I legitimately wanted to see infants torn from their mother’s wombs,” Owens added.

Kelly retorted by saying she looks forward to seeing those college students on Owens’ show, but she herself will only be hiring “the ones who saw murdered grandmas and entire families burned in their homes and easily identified this as a terrorist attack they would never in a million years defend.”

Jason Whitlock likes both Owens and Kelly and believes this is a debate that needs to be had.

“I am a tiny bit confused and perplexed on what we do with this lost generation of young people who have been, as Candace pointed out, brainwashed by an educational system that has been rigged to brainwash them, and this starts long before college,” Whitlocks says.

Whitlock notes that the educational system is largely dominated by leftists, because leftists are less money-driven — and teachers don’t make a lot of money.

“We didn’t make the sacrifice necessary to hold on and to have a voice in these institutions that shape the minds of young people,” he explains.

“So,” he continues, “this is where I’m sympathetic or believe in Candace’s position. These kids we’re looking at out in the street supporting Hamas — they’re victims of the system that we created.”

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