Canada Wants to Force All Medical Institutions to Euthanize Patients


On Monday, June 17, 2024; Dying with Dignity and the family of Sam O’Neill,  launched in a Charter Challenge, in a BC court, claiming that O’Neill’s rights were denied when she was denied euthanasia and transferred from St. Paul’s Hospital for euthanasia (MAiD).

*The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition will apply to intervene in this case. Donations are needed for legal expenses (Donation Link).

Let’s be clear.

This is not a case about a woman who was denied death by euthanasia. Sam O’Neill died by euthanasia after being transferred from St. Paul’s.

This is not a case about religiously affiliated medical institutions blocking euthanasia. These institutions have agreed to transfer people who request euthanasia.

This case is about the euthanasia lobby brooking no dissent. They want to force every medical institution to kill by euthanasia.

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*The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition will apply to intervene in this case. Donations are needed for legal expenses (Donation Link).

This is not the first time that the euthanasia lobby has tried to force St Paul’s hospital to provide euthanasia.

The Canadian Press reported that:

Dying With Dignity says the service is being restricted because of an agreement that allows facilities covered by the Denominational Health Association to collect taxpayer dollars but refuse to perform services they oppose on religious or moral grounds.

Alex Muir, chair of the Metro Vancouver chapter of Dying With Dignity, says upholding the agreement denies eligible people their constitutionally protected right to access a medically assisted death.

The campaign was not about access to euthanasia (MAiD) but rather it was trying to force St Paul’s to provide euthanasia.

The British Columbia government was already forcing provincially funded medical institutions that were not religiously affiliated to provide euthanasia. In 2021 the Delta Hospice Society was defunded  by the BC Ministry of Health because they refused to kill their patients.
Katie DeRosa reported for The Vancouver Sun on June 23, 2023 that Dying With Dignity and O’Neill’s family initiated a campaign to pressure the BC government to force Catholic hospitals to kill their patients by euthanasia. DeRosa reported:

O’Neill’s family and Dying with Dignity Canada say it’s unacceptable that a taxpayer-funded hospital like St. Paul’s — which is getting a $2 billion replacement in 2027 — forces dying patients to leave its facility to get MAID.

Dying with Dignity’s CEO Helen Long told DeRosa:

such policies will remain in place unless there’s a successful court challenge.

Shannon Paterson published a report on CTV news on June 27, 2023 stating:

Daphne Gilbert, a constitutional law professor at the University of Ottawa, expects a Charter challenge will be filed.

“The Catholic Church does not fund health care, they don’t put money into the health-care system through these institutions. It’s not like this is a shared funding agreement. All of the money is coming from the taxpayers,” said Gilbert.

In December 2023, The BC government responded by expropriating property from Providence Healthcare to build a euthanasia killing centre next to St. Paul’s hospital.

The euthanasia lobby wasn’t satisfied that the BC government expropriated property to build a euthanasia killing centre. The euthanasia lobby wants all medical institutions to provide euthanasia.

A similar case in Montréal may affect the case in Vancouver.

In June 2023, the Québec National Assembly passed Bill 11, An Act to amend the Act respecting end-of-life care. One of the provisions in Bill 11 created an obligation for all palliative care homes to offer MAID, even religiously affiliated institutions.

In December, 2023 I wrote that St. Raphael Palliative Care Home and Day Centre, that had signed an agreement with the Archdiocese of Montreal and the Québec government guaranteeing that St Raphael’s would provide end-of-life care but not provide euthanasia, was being forced by the Quebec government to provide euthanasia.

On February 6, 2024 I reported that the Archdiocese of Montréal launched a lawsuit to prevent the Québec government from forcing St. Raphael Palliative Care Centre to provide euthanasia (MAiD).

This court case is not limited to British Columbia.

The euthanasia lobby has designed this case as a Charter Challenge, meaning, they plan to bring this case to the Supreme Court of Canada to force every medical institution in Canada to kill their patients.

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