Bulgarian Prime Minister Shows Contempt For Farmers Calling Them “Terrorists” As Protests Begin


Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov, via Twitter

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Because of mounting opposition to Bulgaria’s decision to allow Ukrainian grain imports at the direction of Washington and Brussels, Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov’s contempt for his own people and for democratic values was on full display when he referred to farmers who are organizing a nationwide protest starting on Monday against his government’s policies as “Terrorists.”

While Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania all resisted pressure from the EU and Washington to lift their bans on imports of Ukrainian grain, Bulgaria, whose government was formed at the direction of the U.S. Embassy in Sofia and is fully controlled by U.S. interests, decided to lift the ban on September 15 to the detriment of the country’s agricultural sector.

Denkov, showing contempt for democratic values, called his country’s farmers “terrorists” and said that he would not negotiate with “terrorists.” Bulgaria’s opposition parties have all called on the prime minister to resign. Bulgaria’s main opposition party leader, Kostadin Kostadinov, called on people to support the farmers and to “protest against the colonial regime” in a post to his Telegram account.

Bulgarian farmers engaged in a nationwide protest starting on Monday morning. According to the Bulgarian News Agency, “Farmers and agricultural processors are launching protest actions at key points across the country, blocking border crossings, main roads and motorways.”

The Prime Minister of Poland announced that the interests of his country’s farmers come first. As previously reported by The Balkan, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán went further, stating that Ukrainian grain is not Ukrainian, but a commercial product from agricultural lands long owned by the United States.

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