BREAKING: Radical trans activists confront women speaking up for the rights of women and girls at Austin Capitol #LetWomenSpeak event


Radical trans activists descended upon the Texas State Capitol in Austin, Texas on Saturday to protest a free speech event called #LetWomenSpeak.

The mob attempted to drown out speakers like Meghan Murphy, Keri Smith, TPM’s Libby Emmons, and Amy Souza, who expressed their dissent against radical trans ideology currently being promoted in all walks of life by the Democrats and corporate America.

Far-left activists referred to the women as “fascists” and pledged to make them know “they ain’t welcome.”

The women persisted by using a bullhorn to amplify their message.

Meghan Murphy spoke about the trans movement teaching kids that their bodies are wrong, and how professionals are pushing children to multilate their bodies and undergo child sex changes.

Detransitioner Prisha Mosely spoke eloquently about her experiences going through transitioning, taking off her breasts, and taking testosterone. “Lobotomies do not work, ‘gender affirming’ care does not work” she said, stressing that it is women’s responsibility to speak the truth about their immutable sex.”

Throughout, the radical trans activists chanted “trans rights are human rights” and “f*ck Greg Abbott.”

Other women spoke about how men are infiltrating women’s prisons by using trans identity as a shield. 

Libby Emmons, editor-in-chief of The Post Millennial, delivered an impassioned speech. “Womanhood is not a feeling.

Gender is not the soul. Medical technology cannot magically change your sex. No child is born in the wrong body.”

“We are not long hair and dresses, we are not lipstick and high heels, we are simple female, we are half of the species, and what we are is not negotiable.

“You’ve taken too much from us, and we want it back. We want it all back. We’re here to take it. We are taking back our words, our bodies, our spaces, our lives.

“Speak up. Don’t back down. Truth matters. Reality is worth fighting for.”

Nearby, the Austin Pride parade commenced, with EMS, cops, fire and schools handing out beads and candy to children.

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