BREAKING: President Trump addresses full house in Detroit, slams Biden’s ‘Green New Scam’ promises return to MAGAnomics


Donald J. Trump took the stage at Turning Point Action’s People’s Convention on Saturday night to thunderous applause accompanied by his trademark track “Proud to Be an American.” The deep blue city of Detroit turned out in numbers to hear the 45th president and to support his campaign for reelection in November. “I’ve never seen such enthusiasm,” he said of the support for his campaign in 2024. 

As he thanked high-profile supporters, he addressed Steve Bannon, who is facing jail time when he’s forced to turn himself in on July 1 to serve 4 months on contempt of Congress charges. Bannon spoke a few hours before Trump took the stage, saying that he predicted that the GOP nominee will also face jail time when he’s sentenced in a New York courtroom on July 11, only days before the Republican National Convention where he will receive the party’s official nomination. 

Trump leaned into his policy talking points on the collapsed border, economic disaster, and incumbent President Joe Biden being “the worst,” but he also addressed the car industry, a key thing in Motor City Detroit and the state of Michigan and encouraged voters to make a plan to vote.  

“For decades before I took office, Joe Biden and his cronies in Washington got rich by selling off Michigan jobs, and selling-out Detroit,” Trump said. He spoke about the plans for car makers to put their factories in Mexico, pointing out that “Crooked Joe is doing a hit job on Michigan manufacturing, and on Detroit.” These factories, he said, would be run by China.  

“Joe Biden’s insane Electric Vehicle Mandate will totally obliterate the U.S. auto industry. Crooked Joe is also set to rubber stamp California’s plan to completely abolish gas-powered cars and trucks. Civilization will grind to a halt,” he said in his speech. 

“Upon my inauguration,” Trump promised, “we will throw out Bidenomics and replace it with MAGAnomics.” And then he laid out his plan. 

“In less than 4 years, Crooked Joe’s inflation nightmare and energy price hikes have cost the typical American household $28,000. The monthly cost of a typical mortgage has doubled. Yet Joe Biden has no plan to stop inflation.  

“My plan is simple. First, I will stop Joe Biden’s inflation-causing spending spree and impose an immediate moratorium on all of Crooked Joe’s hundreds of billions of dollars in waste. I will not approve one more penny for the Green New Scam. Second, to lower energy costs, we will drill, baby, drill! 

“Third, to fight Joe Biden’s inflation, I will stop the Biden Migrant invasion. An estimated 50% of inflation has been caused by the soaring cost of housing, which is skyrocketing due to Joe Biden’s tidal wave of illegal immigration and high interest rates. I will send the illegally entering Biden Migrants back to THEIR countries, so that you can take back your country—and soon.  

“Fourth—I will cancel every unnecessary and costly Biden regulation that is driving up prices. And Fifth—we will make the Trump Tax Cuts permanent and cut taxes even more for working families and small businesses,” he said in his remarks. 

The People’s Conference is touted by Turning Point Action as a convention for the people, in opposition to the uniparty. And the message of the conference is for people to take responsibility themselves for getting out the vote. Workshops and discussions on how to do that filled the weekend schedule. Trump spoke on that topic as well. 

“If you took the ten worst presidents in the history of the United States, and added them up, they would not have done near the destruction to our country as Joe Biden and the Biden administration have done,” he said. 

“So, if you want to Save America, I’m asking everybody to go to ‘’ to make a plan to vote—either by mail, early in person, or on Election Day,” Trump continued. 

“And if you want to volunteer to help us turn out voters in your neighborhood, sign up to get trained at ‘!'” Trump said. “With the right leadership, every disaster Joe Biden has created can be fixed. Every problem can be solved. And every wrong can be rectified—and we will do it quickly.” 

“By this time next year, America’s borders will be shut, sealed, and secure. Inflation will be in full retreat. Our economy will be roaring back. Optimism will be surging. American Pride will be soaring. The American Dream will be thriving again for citizens of every race, religion, color, and creed. Law and Justice will reign all throughout our land. Freedom will be restored. The flame of liberty will be burning bright. Joe Biden, the worst president in the history of our country, will be a fading memory of the past,” he said. 

“Because we are all Americans—and together, we will show November 5th to be the most important day in the history of America,” he said in conclusion. 

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