BREAKING: Owen Shroyer ordered by Biden regime to report to federal prison TOMORROW


Infowars host Owen Shroyer, who was sentenced last month to 60 days in prison in relation to events of Jan. 6, 2021 despite not having entered the Capitol building on that fateful day, has been ordered by the federal government to turn himself over to federal prison tomorrow, on Tuesday. 

“Owen Shroyer here, and I’m about to turn myself in to be a speech prisoner in Biden’s America,” Shroyer began in a video he posted to address the situation. 

“Unfortunately, we knew that things would get this bad. Unfortunately, we knew the Democrats were this corrupt. Now I have hit to the frontlines and be a speech prisoner in Biden’s America.”

Shroyer added that he is currently in litigation to once again receive access to his original Twitter account, @allidoisowen, where he says he had over 300,000 followers.

While Shroyer is away, his media team-operated @OwenShroyer1776 account will be giving updates on his situation while he is incarcerated. 

Shroyer encouraged viewers to share his video message far and wide.

“That year 1776 is extremely important not just because it was the founding year of our country, but the US government is arguing that it’s illegal for me to say 1776 in Washington, DC,” he explained.

“Don’t believe me?” Shroyer asked. “Check the US government sentencing memo for yourself. They said that me chanting ‘1776’ in Washington, DC is worthy of 60 days in prison.” 

This 60-day sentence that Shroyer will now serve was handed down by US District Judge Timothy Kelly, who also gave Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio 22 years in prison. 

Shroyer did not enter the Capitol building on Jan 6. 2021; he had only addressed a crowd outside the building. 

Prosecutors who had attempted to get Shroyer locked up for double the amount of time seen in his sentence claimed he had “spread election disinformation paired with violent rhetoric” to people prior to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

“Shroyer did not step foot inside the Capitol, he did not need to; many of those who listened to him did instead,” they wrote. “In the aftermath, he has blamed ‘Antifa’ and told his followers: ‘We should have been proud of what happened.'”

The Department of Justice seemingly condemned Shroyer for his speech; it wrote that he “stoked the flames of a potential disruption of the certification vote by streaming disinformation about alleged voter fraud and a stolen election to thousands, perhaps millions, of viewers of his program on InfoWars.”

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

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