BREAKING: Las Vegas crowd ROARS as Trump enters UFC 296 to watch MAGA warrior MMA fighter Colby Covington


The Las Vegas crowd at UFC 296 roared with thunder when former president Donald Trump entered the T-Mobile arena accompanied by legendary rock singer Kid Rock and UFC CEO Dana White.

While Trump has been a longtime supporter of UFC, Saturday night’s fight featuring welterweight champion Colby Covington comes with extra significance as Covington is one of Trump’s most vocal and greatest supporters.

Covington said ahead of the fight that if he were to win the welterweight title against Leon Edwards he would like to see President Trump place the winning belt on him.

“I’m his (Trump’s) biggest fan, and he is my biggest role model. What better way than to have him put the belt around me,” Covington said ahead of the fight during an appearance on the FullSend podcast.

Covington, who refers to himself as the “people’s champ,” was featured in a promotional video ahead of UFC 296 dressed as one of the founding fathers and donning a red “Make America Great Again” hat.

“Are you ready for the revolution!?,” Covington wrote on X, sharing the promo video.

“I’m the people’s champ so I got to deliver to the people. They want a show, I’mma give them a show. Just like our forefathers, Mr. General Washington, it’s now General Covington,” said Covington in the video.

“Alright, I’m the people’s champ. I got a question for the people!” an enthusiastic Covington said to a crowd.

“Did you come out here to support these red coat motherf-ckers? Or did you come to be a part of the American Revolution? Let’s go, team America! God Bless. 1176 baby! It’s the American Revolution,” said Covington. “General Washington started it. General Covington ends it.”

For the welterweight title, Covington (17-3) faces off against Leon Edwards (21-3).

Last month, President Trump received a similar welcome when he attended UFC 295 in New York City’s Madison Square Garden and was accompanied by Tucker Carlson, Kid Rick, and UFC CEO Dana White.

Furthermore, Trump appeared at UFC 287 in downtown Miami in April and UFC 290 in Las Vegas back in July, where he spent time with Roger Stone and legendary actor Mel Gibson.

UFC legend Jorge Masvidal famously led a chant of “Let’s Go Brandon” during Trump’s appearance at UFC 287. “Also, I want to say, greatest president in the history of the world sitting right there. I love that guy” The MMA fighter said, “let’s take that, you know who, ‘let’s go Brandon’ motherf*cker out of power and replace him,” in reference to Joe Biden and said to the crowd, “If I could get it, just one time: ‘Let’s Go Brandon!'”

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

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