BREAKING: James O’Keefe reveals MORE internal IBM Red Hat docs from whistleblower exposing anti-white agenda


James O’Keefe revealed live on Timcast IRL from TPUSA’s America Fest internal training documents from IBM that show the anti-whiteness being perpetrated against IBM employees.

The slides, brought to O’Keefe’s OMG from a whistleblower inside the company, show a graphic on whiteness. It dissects alleged white “blindness,” white “power” and the white impulse to “divide and conquer.”

Under “blindness,” it reads “white people don’t know what we don’t know, so what we DO get carefully taught is what’s passed down.”

“Lies and omissions of the truth get equal billing in what we are taught.”

In the description of white “power,” the slide reads “white is the default, everything else exists in proximity to it.”

“Whiteness constructs the game, hides the rules, then rigs the game, over and over again.”

A second slide explores the question “What does ‘DO THE WORK!’ mean?” And states “We have to start with the REAL problem.”

The slide shows a graphic of a microscope, and says that “what’s been ‘under the microscope'” are “black behaviors, black culture, black history, black oppression, black celebrity, black art, black stories.”

The IBM slide defines “the real problem” as “white judgment, white theft, white history, white supremacy, white allowance, white elitism, white censorship.”

The third slide revealed by O’Keefe showed a graphic describing ancient Greeks interactions with Africans, claiming that Greek knowledge came from African scholarship.

The slide identified “what gets missed” and contrasted it with “the problem.”

What gets missed included “black excellence, black joy, black achievement, black contribution, black is beautiful, black intelligence, black innovation.”

The contrasted problem for each of these was “white erasure.”

This latest reveal is part of O’Keefe and OMG’s ongoing expose of IBM’s weaponized diversity trainings against white and Asian employees.

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