BREAKING: It’s official: Alex Jones will be reinstated on X after overwhelming majority vote to bring him back


The people of X have spoken, voting overwhelmingly to bring controversial journalist Alex Jones back to the platform after he was permanently banned in 2018. Musk ran a poll on X and had users decide whether or not to bring Jones back, which was a vote for freedom of speech or censorship.

Once the votes were in, Musk confirmed that Alex Jones would be reinstated.

Musk first teased the possibility of reinstating Jones’s account on Thursday, the same day journalist Tucker Carlson released an explosive interview with Jones published exclusively on X. Musk said that he would run a poll to decide the fate of Jones’ account.

“Reinstate Alex Jones on this platform? Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” Musk wrote on X. The post included an attached poll that allowed users to answer “yes” or “no.”

From the moment the poll was launched, it seemed that Jones’ reinstatement was inevitable. The poll received nearly 2 million votes and Alex Jones held a 40 percent lead for much of the day. 70 percent of users voted “yes,” while 30 percent voted “no.” 

Following the results, Musk confirmed that Jones’s account would be reinstated.

“The people have spoken and so it shall be,” Musk wrote on X.

Jones’s wife published a video of him on X encouraging people to vote for his reinstatement, which Jones said was really a vote against censorship. He praised Elon Musk for “valiantly leading the fight” against the suppression of free speech rights.

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

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