Boston Now Has Two Green Monsters


One of my favorite quotes (which in today’s social climate is truer than ever) is from Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was dead-on when he said, “The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next.”

We can already see the wisdom in this quote. The left began its infiltration of schools, politics, and news organizations decades ago. Now leftists are coming out from the shadows and aren’t hiding their agenda. They are openly enforcing their will on our children and anyone else in the public who is naïve enough to buy into their well-financed lies.

Last Thursday and Friday, the mayor of Boston, a true far-left wacko, Michelle Wu, issued a heat warning on a day when the temperature reached 88 degrees. I may be prejudiced since I live in Florida, but 88 degrees is beautiful weather. In fact, as I am writing this it’s 88 degrees here.

The fact that Wu issued a heat warning on one of the first days of school isn’t a coincidence. She wanted to put on a show to influence children and to also put fear, even if it’s ever so slight, into the minds of parents. Look at the words she used in her statement (emphasis added):

The impacts of climate change are more palpable than ever, with extreme heat posing risk to our communities. Although extreme heat affects Bostonians of all ages, with the new school year starting, our Boston Public Schools staff will be following protocols to ensure our kids have an enjoyable, safe first week back at school.

Again, 88 degrees is a nice warm/hot summer’s day. It certainly isn’t extreme heat. Wu continued her mind-numbing dissertation with the statement that she was “grateful” for city employees who were “working tirelessly to support residents and ask residents to take precautions.”

She went as far as to set up cooling stations at libraries and community centers and cautioned students to drink plenty of water. I’m shocked she didn’t crack the fire hydrants open. Keep in mind that the temperature was only 88 degrees. This entire production was to put the thought in citizen’s minds that climate change is real, that change is coming, and that she is the best person to handle this upcoming emergency.

The left has an agenda. Create a doom-and-gloom scenario, and then play any circumstance that arises to justify your position. In this case, even though there wasn’t an emergency, Wu wasn’t going to miss the chance to start grooming the sheep that there was one.

On the city website, the statement said, “Last year, Mayor Wu announced Heat Resilience Solutions for Boston, a Citywide framework to prepare Boston for hotter summers and more intense heat events. The Heat Plan presents 26 strategies that will help build a more just, equitable, and resilient Boston.”

Right, note the reference to “just” and “equitable.” Wu made no secret of the fact that she was running on a climate agenda. The problem is that her 43-page manifesto of a plan is neither just nor equitable. Most of it is boilerplate nonsense laced with leftist innuendo. If you attempt to read it, you’ll find lots of phases and liberal explanations of things like environmental racism, environmental justice, de-carbonation, and new green jobs and new green spaces.

Hidden under the myth of climate change and all of Wu’s rhetoric, there is no plan, but there is an agenda. In Wu’s case, she will mask all of her bigotry and her radical tendencies under the guise of protecting Bostonians from the somehow conservative-driven sunshine. She will attempt to convince Boston that everything that is good is bad, even beautiful cloudless days at Fenway.

Boston, you now have two Green Monsters in town: one in left field at Fenway and one in the Mayor’s office.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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