Bloomberg Columnist Was Wrong About Thinking Biden Couldn't Bring Down Crime Rates


Remember, after the election when President Joe Biden did all he could to end America’s energy independence, gas prices shot up to $7 a gallon in California? He blamed that on “Putin’s price hike.” Then gas prices started coming down, and all of the people who insisted the president didn’t have any influence over the price of gas suddenly praised Biden for lowering it.

Bloomberg columnist didn’t think Biden could do anything to affect crime rates, but now he confesses that he was wrong. 

“Those are the facts.”

That’s why we kept this map handy. According to the FBI, 6,097 police agencies, or 32 percent submitted no 2022 data. Among them were the NYPD and the LAPD.


The price of their groceries is going down too … they just don’t realize it. As POLITICO put it, “there’s little new the administration can do to change the perceptions of a stubborn electorate that’s living through an upswing — yet simply refusing to believe it.”

If crime is way down, why do people think it’s getting worse? And what did Biden do, exactly, to lower the crime rate?

These steep early 2024 declines are unlikely to be quite as steep for the full year. Violent crime tends to be worst in the summer, so what happens then counts more in determining annual crime rates than what happens before. Still, the situation is truly looking great at the moment. I’ve devoted many pixels over the past year to not-so-encouraging crime statistics amid the overall downward trend — local shoplifting waves in several big cities, assaults below and above ground in New York City, high and rising violent crime in a few cities such as Memphis and Washington — but now almost every indicator is pointing in the right direction.

So what does Fox think Biden did to bring down violent crime so precipitously? “In Bloomberg Opinion’s chart-based assessment of Biden’s tenure in March, I concluded that his American Rescue Plan’s $350 billion in aid to state and local governments, which he strongly encouraged them to spend on law enforcement, arguably did play a role in reducing crime,” he says. Also, “The election of Biden, a Democrat who opposed calls to defund the police, paved the way for a reconsideration in many cities.”

What good are more police if liberal district attorneys refuse to charge people with crimes? We’ve written about a Tennessee state senator who said she “felt like a slave” when the state legislature ruled that Memphis couldn’t just ignore traffic violations. Vandalizing statues in front of the White House? Not a crime. Barricading two custodial workers in a campus building? Not a crime. Leaving scooter tread marks on a pride mural? That’s a felony.


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