Blake Masters Slams ‘Totalitarian Leftism’, ‘Libertarianism,’ Says Right Must Get Comfy With State Power


Last Updated on September 13, 2022

Arizona’s Trump-endorsed Republican US Senate nominee, Blake Masters, slammed “totalitarian leftism” and said that “libertarianism doesn’t work” during a speech he made at the 3rd National Conservative Conference (NatCon) in Miami.

Although video footage doesn’t appear to have been released yet of Arizona US Senate nominee Blake Masters’ speech at NatCon 3, reporting from the event has summed up his speech as channeling the tone of Viktor Orban. The Hungarian Prime Minister has been lauded for rejecting both totalitarian leftism and weak-kneed libertarianism in the European nation.

According to Rob Dreher, the Senior Editor at JP, Masters called on the American right to get comfortable using state power to achieve conservative ends and to reject the libertarian school of thought that has driven them to sit idly by as the left uses the power of the state themselves to transform America.

Increasingly, so-called conservatives have come under fire for embracing libertarian ideals and allowing the left to run roughshod over them. While the left uses the state to their own ends, the right is often too afraid to use the state to reverse the damage the left has done, claiming that would violate their laissez-faire approach to government.

“Libertarianism doesn’t work. Totalitarian leftism doesn’t work either,” Dreher reported Masters telling the audience.

“Sounds like he is absorbing the Viktor Orban lesson,” Dreher opined.

While at NatCon 3, Masters spoke with The Daily Caller, telling them that his campaign and others like it are “remaking the Republican Party to really implement that America First agenda.”

Throughout his US Senate campaign, Masters has garnered support from grassroots conservatives nationwide, thanks to his America First stances, particularly on southern border and election integrity issues. He’s also been outspoken in his criticism of the country club GOP establishment, and their failure to stop the radical left.

“The Republican party that Paul Ryan wants, that’s not the Republican party the American people want,” Masters told The Daily Caller, going on to further slam the uni-party GOP establishment for living “in a bubble,” “out of touch” with the American people.

Blake Masters is among a full line-up of Trump-endorsed GOP candidates for statewide office this year in Arizona. In his US Senate race, he faces anti-gun incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly, who votes in line with Joe Biden’s far-left agenda more than 94% of the time.

In 2020, before Mark Kelly “won” a special election to the US Senate in Arizona’s historically-unprecedented Democrat fraud-ridden elections, National File exclusively exposed the Biden Democrat who, with the rest of his party, has taken totalitarian left-wing stances against American conservatives, for dressing up as Adolf Hitler in a Merchant Marine Academy yearbook photo.

National File: Democrat Senate Candidate Mark Kelly’s Yearbook Shows Him Dressed As Hitler

During a recent interview with local Arizona media, Mark Kelly tried to dodge a question about whether or not he’d accept Biden’s support if he wanted to campaign for him in Arizona, joining a number of other Democrats in running away from their ardently pro-Biden voting records.

Arizona Republican Congressman Andy Biggs compared Kelly’s response to the newsman’s Biden question to an SNL skit.

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