Billionaire Leftist And DeSantis Megadonor Voices Support For DeSantis To End Populism By Running Against Trump


Last Updated on November 7, 2022

The Republican Governor of Florida seems to be putting together a 2024 presidential run against former President Donald Trump, who is expected to announce his campaign soon.

During Ron DeSantis’ gubernatorial reelection campaign this cycle, his largest donation came from Ken Griffin, the billionaire CEO of Citadel, a massive investment firm.

Griffin donated a whopping $5 million to the Republican governor’s ongoing campaign.

The billionaire CEO told Politico how he hopes DeSantis will run for president in 2024. Griffin, who contributed $500,000 to Joe Biden’s 2020 inaugural committee and fundraised for Barack Obama in 2008, explained what kind of Republican and leader he expects DeSantis to be.

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Knocking a Trump-energized GOP, Griffin commented, “I think it’s time to move on to the next generation.”

Lacking a socially-conservative viewpoint, Griffin told Politico how a DeSantis presidential campaign could improve the GOP’s diversity and “blunt the vein of populism that has complicated the party’s relationship with the corporate world.”

Additionally, Griffin is pushing a big-tent party ideology onto Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

“Many of the conversations with Kevin McCarthy about candidates are really about ‘How do we bring more people from different backgrounds into the Republican Party?’” Griffin said of his view on the GOP’s future.

Alex Brusewitz, a rightwing political operative, described Griffin’s donation to be a move “to destroy America First.”

“Ken Griffin hates MAGA & the America First movement. He is a full fledged globalist. I find it to be very troubling that Ken is Ron DeSantis’ biggest backer,” Brusewitz added.

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