Biden’s ‘there’s no there there’ documents lie is his lamest yet


President Joe Biden helped himself to classified documents during his term as veep, eventually leaving some at his think-tank office and others all over his private house in Wilmington (including his garage). His latest defense of the indefensible? He has “no regrets” over the move and “there’s no there there.”

Oh, but there is, Joe. This may be your lamest lie yet.

Worse still, that “no regrets” line is a seemingly scripted remark, suggesting his communications staff approves of the utter contempt for Americans it displays. 

The man in charge of protecting the country from all enemies foreign and domestic has “no regrets” about potentially damaging national security through sheer narcissism and insane carelessness. 

And if there’s no “there there” and you have “no regrets,” why hide it from the public for months, conveniently keeping mum till after the midterm elections? Oh, yeah: because it’s a huge deal and if the American people had known about it that might have dented the prospects of Democrats around the country. At the moment, 60% of Americans see Biden’s doc move as inappropriate, and 37% see it as criminal. 

Plus, the public (and Congress) still have exactly zero idea of what’s in these documents — and Biden insists he doesn’t know, either. So the claim that it’s no big deal is just noise. 

Classified documents were fonud in Biden’s Delaware home.
Joe Biden

Keep in mind that the flunkies Biden employed to dig up any other documents after the FBI graciously stepped aside lack the security clearance to handle such material — that alone is another scandal. But hey, no biggie, right?  

And if snatching secrets on your way out of office is a nothingburger, how does the president justify turning the full force of the federal government on ex-President Donald Trump for doing so? (The public doesn’t know what’s in those docs, either.) 

Despite the desperate effort by Dem lackeys in the media to pretend Biden’s doc grab is somehow different from Trump’s, it isn’t. Except that, being veep when he took them, Biden clearly had zero right to take anything.  

We don’t defend Trump’s document grab, or his carelessness. But the double standard on Biden’s similar wrongdoing is astounding, from the frantic liberal-media excuse-making to the feds’ suddenly cavalier attitude toward properly recovering the classified material.

Even if Biden has utterly forgotten about it, he not only broke the law in taking this stuff: His years-long carelessness in storing it means there’s plenty of “there there,” no matter what our mendacious president claims. 

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