Biden Tries to Sneak Provision into Budget that would Eliminate ICE Agents, Excuse Criminal Illegals ⋆ JP


Joe Biden has slipped a provision into the budget now being debated in Congress that would defund Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and give criminal illegals a free hand to commit as many crimes as they want free of being rounded up and deported.

This is one of the most radical, pro-crime moves he has yet made in the White House, Fox News reports.

Biden is urging congress to pass a short-term budget bill to avoid a government shut down. But the bill he and the Democrats are pushing has what SHOULD be a poison pill in it for ANY pro-American legislator.

A look at page 51 of the Democrats’ bill reveals a shocking provision that turns ICE from a law enforcement agency into a social services department that helps facilitate travel and support for illegal aliens.

Instead of working to round up and deport illegals accused of crimes, ICE would be turned into an agency helping resettle these same criminals inside the U.S.A.

Indeed, the provision would take ICE’s budget and hand it over to so-called “sanctuary cities” to help them pay for housing for criminal illegals.

Per Fox News:

If you read page 51 of the White House’s draft legislation, you will find a provision that would allow all ICE funding to be redirected to “fund community-based residential facilities, and to provide services and support to refugees, asylum seekers, or other migrants,” including through “contracts or through the award of grants or cooperative agreements to non-governmental organizations.” This would effectively convert ICE from a law enforcement agency into a U.S. travel agency for illegal aliens and into a grant-making bureaucracy for sanctuary cities.

Remember, ICE is the agency that breaks up Mexico-U.S. cartel trafficking of humans and drugs. ICE is the agency that detains violent criminal aliens and returns them to their home countries. ICE is the agency that does the most to deter cross-border crime and illegal immigration by enforcing immigration law in the United States.

Instead of protecting American communities, this provision would allow all past, present, or future ICE dollars to be used to buy airplane tickets and hotel rooms for illegal immigrants as they are permanently resettled across the United States. Airplane tickets that ICE had been buying to return violent criminal aliens to their home countries will be converted into airplane tickets to fly them to a community near you.

Biden’s scheme would also specifically allow ICE’s remaining resources to be sent to sanctuary cities for resettlement. These ICE taxpayer dollars will only add to the $104.6 million mountain of federal funds that New York Sen. Chuck Schumer and New York Congressman Hakeem Jeffries slipped in earlier this year for New York City Mayor Eric Adams to resettle illegal aliens.

Joe Biden is looking to aide and abet criminal illegals. It’s just that simple.

If this provision gets enacted, all it will do is make all our cities less safe and act as a beacon telling millions more illegals to come here, especially those who want to deal drugs, and commit robberies, murders, and rapes.

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