Biden Thinks Americans Living from Pay-Check to Pay-Check Are ‘Disconnected’ From Reality


President Joe Biden suggested that Americans who are unhappy with the economy are experiencing a “disconnect” with reality.

During a speech at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit on Thursday, Biden touted a variety of economic statistics before claiming that the American people feel a “disconnect” between the “numbers and how people feel about their place in the world right now.”

While Biden claims his so-called “Bidenomics” is a success, 61% of Americans are struggling, and 75% of U.S. adults think the economy is in a “fair” or “poor” state.

“The last quarter, the American economy grew 4.9%. The highest growth rate in two years,” Biden said during his Thursday speech.

“More people in the United States are in the workforce today than at any time in American history. Unemployment has been under 4% for 21 straight months.”

“Inflation has come down by 65%, and more to do.”

“I mean, we know have lowest inflation — lowest inflation rate of any advanced economy in the world. Meanwhile, median household wealth has grown by 37% in real terms since before the pandemic.”

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However, Americans are no seeing what Biden is seeing.


The Daily Caller reported that sixteen percent of Americans believe the economy is getting better while 56% of U.S. adults say the economy is getting worse, according to a September YouGov Poll.

“I acknowledge there’s a disconnect between the numbers, and how people feel about their place in the world right now,” Biden continued during the speech.

“We can deal with the second part as well,” Biden added.

“We still have work to do.”

As we reported in September, Democrats are slowly realizing that the word “Bidenomics,” initially used to tout Joe Biden’s so-called economic achievements, has become synonymous with inflation, unemployment, and soaring gas prices, as Americans largely reject the term.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has repeatedly touted Bidenomics as a success despite the U.S. economy teetering of a depression.

Last month, KPJ brushed off concerns after being confronted by CNN host Victor Blackwell, who said Americans “aren’t very happy” with Bidenomics.

Meanwhile, 61% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck, and polls show 75% of U.S. adults think the economy is in a “fair” or “poor” state.

Democrats told Politico that the White House’s push on Bidenomics is a political failure.

“With all due respect to the president, to the White House, this is not so much about them as it is the people who are benefiting by the policies that they came out and demanded,” Democratic Nevada Rep. Steven Horsford said.

“We have to do a better job framing this not so much for one person — for the office of the presidency — but for the people.”

The chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus said Biden’s messaging surrounding Bidenomics is “built on shaky ground.”

“I’ve never understood why you would brand an economy in your name when the economy hasn’t fully recovered yet,” Michael LaRosa, a former spokesperson for first lady Jill Biden, said.

“People need to be able to see and feel an economy in their own personal bank accounts,” LaRosa added.

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