Biden Stares Lifelessly Into The Distance As Jill Tries To Usher Him Off Stage


As you know, “President” Joe Biden struggles with just about everything. Whether it’s leading the country, speaking the english language, or simply figuring out where he needs to be standing on a stage – this man is perpetually LOST.

On Wednesday evening, that rang true more than ever. After taking part in lighting the National Christmas Tree near the White House, Joe had no idea what to do next. As Jill and LL Cool J waved goodbye to the crowd, Biden held onto the microphone for dear life and stared into the abyss with a lifeless stare. He seemed to be in a trance, not knowing where he was or what he was doing until his wife tapped him and ushered him off stage.

Funny enough, Biden didn’t even have the sense to leave the microphone on the podium. He walked off stage with it. Yes, really.

Watch the cringe-worthy scene below:

As you can imagine, thousands of people reacted on Twitter:

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It’s sad to know that this man, Joseph Robinette Biden, is seen as the “leader” of our country when he is everything but.

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