Biden Slowly and Methodically Beats the War Drum


Since Joe Biden was placed in office (some would say he was not elected), the entire world has realized that he is nothing more than a meat puppet. The trick for any foreign or domestic official dealing with him has become a guessing game as to who is pulling his strings at any given time. I’m not going to speculate as to who has been manipulating the pot roast with eyes recently, although I have some ideas, but whoever it is, they are definitely entering questionable and dangerous territory.

The current puppeteer(s) are looking for a fight. Under Trump, the world was a quiet place. The loudest war during the entire Trump presidency existed between a disgustingly biased MSM and the president himself. Even then, Trump wouldn’t back down. He stood directly in front of his adversaries and took hours’ worth of questions. He proved that there absolutely can be peace through strength. To all of the Trump haters out there, the one thing you can’t hate is that the man was always looking out for the United States 100% of the time.

Biden is the exact opposite. More clown than president, this mind-numbing zero makes Jimmy Carter look like a brain surgeon. The far left has dominated every policy decision that he has made. His administration has destroyed our education system, our foreign policy, and our energy independence and weakened our military. We are a country on many precipices, and now he has brought us to the edge of war.

His mindless financing of Ukraine was beyond the pale a year ago. Now even his own party can’t avoid the stench of the rat. This was after his beyond-disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and his continuous funding of terrorism by sending billions of dollars to Iran.

The American public has grown weary of the tired old man in the White House. The only people who still embrace him are the radicals from the far left who live rent-free in his empty head and the “Mindless Stream Media” that are so baffled by life that they think they are advancing society through the denial of science and biology.

Biden didn’t spend all his idiocy on foreign soil. On the home front, he has left all of our borders wide open. Crime in Democrat cities is out of control, and a tiered justice system now undeniably exists in the country. Inflation is rampant, and there aren’t any indicators that show that trend changing. Biden’s puppeteers created the quicksand and threw the country into it. Now up to their necks, they turn to the only thing they know: war.

Democrats love power, and they are great at spinning their failures into palatable excuses that they feed to the American public. They saw Hamas attacking Israel as an opportunity. In their simple minds, they saw that bloodthirsty attack as an opportunity to “pretend” to rescue Israel. I say pretend because this administration has made it clear that it doesn’t give a damn about Israel. However, never let a good crisis go to waste, and by playing white knight, Biden’s controllers thought their phony big-brother hero imitation would save the 2024 election. They knew that their far-left policies won’t stop inflation, illegal immigration, or rampant crime in revolving-door Democrat cities. So they needed a distraction, and a “feel-good” war has always done the trick.

Not so fast. The climate of hate that the far left has cultivated here in the States is not working for Biden. On college campuses across the country, far-left zombies are protesting against Israel, which is so ironic, because the hate the administration initiated is now obstructing their “clean” entrance into a “rally-around-the-flag war.”

Another problem is that the last thing that the American people want is involvement in another war. They know that it means the possibility of American deaths, and the cost of another war will certainly impact every American family. So what do Biden’s string pullers do? The wrong thing, of course: they sent the U.S.S. Gerald Ford aircraft carrier group into the Persian Gulf.

This essentially gives Islamic terrorists something else to attack, which they did.

The Wall Street Journal reported:

Nearly two dozen drones swarmed the USS Carney, a guided-missile destroyer, on Thursday, the Pentagon said. The destroyer intercepted multiple projectiles near the coast of Yemen, the officials said. Drones attacked a U.S. base Tuesday and again Wednesday near the Syrian-Jordan border, causing minor injuries, defense officials said. The attack at al-Tanf base happened the same day a U.S. base in Iraq also came under a drone attack. There, a U.S. contractor died of a cardiac event while trying to take shelter, the officials said.

In fact, now we know that more than a dozen U.S. military personnel and contractors have been injured so far in the attacks. Still, not every scary sign of war comes in the form of planes, missiles, or drones. Some can even come from the kitchen.

It’s been reported that after the attacks, the crew on the U.S.S. Gerald Ford dined on surf and turf, a steak and lobster dinner. Special meals like that are usually reserved for holidays and special occasions. Sometimes they are used as morale boosters when something tenuous is coming down the pike. Is this meal indicative of a longer deployment, or do Biden’s puppeteers have something even more ominous in mind?

Leftists used to joke about Trump having access to nuclear weapon codes. I wonder how many secretly wish he still did?

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