Biden rented $18 million home for vacation; investigation underway


Officials are reportedly investigating billionaire Tom Steyer’s vacation home rental to President Joe Biden as the result of an allegation that the billionaire violated the county’s Vacation Home Rental (VHR) policies.

The Nevada Globe first reported that a Douglas County, Nevada, resident filed a complaint with the county’s VHR Advisory Board against Steyer, who owns the Glenbrook rental house that the president’s family is renting for their vacation in Lake Tahoe.

The Douglas County resident’s complaint alleges that Steyer, who is a prominent climate investor and former Democratic presidential candidate, does not possess a valid VHR permit for his $18 million property.

Based on the county’s VHR certification program ordinance, Steyer could be fined a $20,000 civil penalty for failing to secure a valid VHR permit.

According to The Nevada Globe, Douglas County implemented policies in 2005 to limit the number of VHR’s by developing a closely regulated permit process. Only 600 VHRs are allowed to be registered in Douglas County, with each VHR property defined as a property that can be rented for 28 days or less.

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After submitting an inquiry with the county’s VHR board, Program Manager and Head of Code Enforcement Ernie Strehlow noted, “Several inquiries have been received on this address. We cannot comment further as we are actively investigating any Douglas County Nevada code violations on this rental.”

The 46th president is currently vacationing at Steyer’s luxurious property with First Lady Jill Biden and Hunter Biden, along with other family members, according to the New York Post.

Regarding the president’s vacation in Lake Tahoe, the White House reportedly stated, “The First Family is renting the home for fair market value.”

After spending the weekend in Lake Tahoe, Joe Biden visited Maui Monday after receiving backlash for refusing to comment on the situation last week. However, Biden’s visit to Maui did not satisfy everyone, as many people criticized his quick visit to the island and his immediate return to Steyer’s vacation home.

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