Biden Has More Concerning Repetition of Words During Zelensky Meet-up, Then Forgets Who He’s Addressing


Joe Biden had some very bad moments on Wednesday when he almost knocked over the Brazilian flag and seemed to anger President Lula da Silva when he exited the stage without shaking his hand, and just left him standing there. 

Then Biden seemed to get even worse in the evening at a campaign fundraiser, he reportedly repeated the same story after having already said it, almost word for word. Not exactly a confidence booster when they’re trying to appeal to these people for money. 

On Thursday, Biden continued to have problems during his meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, where Biden again appeared to be slurring his words, speaking as though he had water in his mouth. Zelenskyy appealed for still more money for his country. The Biden policy? Pouring out the billions, with no end in sight. 

But listen to what Biden has to have notes to say. The remarks are the most perfunctory imaginable, yet he still needs to read off the notes for the simplest thing. 

Then, during the meeting, Biden did the concerning repeating thing again, saying the word “partners” over and over again, for no reason. Watch the faces of Jake Sullivan and Samantha Power. 

Samantha Power goes all in, nodding up and down, and pretending this is normal. You know by looking at Jake Sullivan’s face that he knows it’s not. He’s blinking, looking down, and uneasy, likely thinking, “He’s glitching again.” 

But in what has to be the bad moment of the night, he was at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute for their 46th Annual Gala. He didn’t seem to know which event he was addressing, as he referred to the Congressional Black Caucus. 

“The Congressional Black Caucus embodies all those values,” Biden said, although he was addressing the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. And no, Joe, they are not all the same. 

Does he even know where he is anymore? Or does he just repeat by rote whatever is on the teleprompter and then — God help us when he goes off script?

At what point will this embarrassment be enough for Democrats? They haven’t pulled him yet for 2024 and if they seriously think this guy is going to be in any kind of condition to run in the coming year, they’re deluding themselves. I’m not even sure he’s going to make it through the rest of his term without some serious problems, or calling in Kamala Harris. 

His slurring is getting worse, too, and of course, they will not be telling us what that’s about, because to be transparent would be to admit how many problems they have here. 

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