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Conservative Twitter exploded again yesterday when President Joe Biden delivered one of his customary tall tales.

This time, Biden, a Catholic, regaled the worthies at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, with yet another I’m-black-like-you yarn, this one to honor Martin Luther King Day. The octogenarian president claimed he attended a black church after he went to morning Mass during his deep involvement in the Civil Rights movement.

But Biden never did any such thing. Just as he was never arrested either at a civil rights march or while trying to visit communist terrorist Nelson Mandela.

The claim might not be a lie. It could be a false memory, a common symptom of those with dementia.

No Joke!

“Let’s lay one thing to rest,” Biden said. “I may be a practicing Catholic — we used to go to 7:30 mass every morning, in high school and going into college, before I went to the Black church. (Laughter.) Not a joke.”

In fact, it was a joke, like the rest of his yarn: 

But we used to — that’s where we’d organize to march to desegregate the city. My state was, like yours, segregated by law. We were a slave state, to our great shame. And we had a lot of leftovers of the bad things that come from that period of time. 

Biden also claimed the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “was a nonviolent warrior for justice who followed the word and the way of His Lord and His Savior.”

In fact, King was not, theologically speaking, a Christian. He denied the 12 articles of faith, as JP reported of King’s “papers,” which lie in hallowed repose at Stanford University.

That fact aside, this is at least the second time Biden claimed he attended a black church after Mass, Breitbart observed. He said the same thing a month before his supposed victory in the 2020 election:

I’d go to 8 o’clock Mass, then I’d go to Reverend Herring’s church where we’d meet in order to organize and figure where we were going to go, whether we were going to desegregate the Rialto movie theater or what we were going to do.

In December 2021, he claimed he “helped desegregate restaurants and theaters.”

Also last year, in October, he claimed he was “involved” in the movement.

A month before that, he said came “out of the civil rights movement.”

And the latest retellings continue a 40-year tradition of trying to hornswoggle blacks.

During his 1988 campaign for president, he claimed he was a marcher even as he admitted that he didn’t march: “I was not an activist.… I was not out marching. I was not down in Selma.”

Other recent whoppers include Biden’s recalling his days as a truck driver. “I used to drive an 18-wheeler, man.”

No, he didn’t.

False Memories

But that doesn’t mean Biden is lying, the way he lied about his background in 1987, at 45 years old, during his first ill-fated run for the White House. But back then he didn’t have dementia. Now, apparently, he does. 

If so, his repeatedly peddling falsehood could be false memories, a common symptom of dementia and the “other side of forgetting,” as Boston University’s medical school observed in a report.

“Using a novel false memory questionnaire, researchers at the VA Boston Healthcare System were able to compare forgetting and false memories,” the report says:

They found that false memories were incredibly common—almost as common as forgetting. They also found that the frequency of both false memories and forgetting increased as the patients’ cognition decreased. Given how common they are, the researchers are now working to understand the clinical impact of false memories in daily life. The novel false memory questionnaire they developed may be a valuable tool for clinicians and researchers.

Detailed analyses of the data showed that, whereas the forgetting prevalence ranged from 69 to 96 percent in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, the false memory prevalence ranged from 53 to 90 percent. In mild cognitive impairment forgetting ranged from 25 to 80 percent and false memories from 7 to 64 percent. In healthy older adults forgetting ranged from 11 to 46 percent and false memories from 7 to 33 percent. Lastly, family members were less likely to know about how often their loved ones experienced false memories compared to forgetting, suggesting that false memories may be even more prevalent than reported here.

Another sign of Biden’s cognitive slide is his bizarre statements.

Discussing China-virus vaccines with CNN’s leftist talker Don Lemon, a pro-Biden homosexual, Biden mumbled something about the “man on the moon” and “whether those aliens are here or not” after he asked the clearly uncomfortable host whether he was vaccinated.

During the 2020 campaign, influential leftists and Democrats knew that Biden — who turned 80 in November and was born when the second Battle of El Alamein ended during World War II — had dementia, as JP reported.

They claimed he was “sundowning,” another symptom of dementia, and that “Democratic insiders know Biden has cognitive decline issues. They joke about it. They don’t care.”

Leftist Ted Rall put it bluntly: “Democrats are conspiring to gaslight the American people by engineering the election of a man clearly suffering from dementia.”

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