The United States departure from Afghanistan in 2021 will go down as a major blunder in world history. In a recently filed document, the Biden administration cowardly put all of the blame on former President Donald Trump, who wasn’t even in office anymore.

The release of the Biden administration’s controversial outline surrounding the withdrawal of U.S. troops and its apparent attempt to shift the blame onto former President Trump has faced criticism for its lack of accountability while ignoring the tragedy and chaos that ensued during the withdrawal.

The Biden administration outline claims that President Biden had committed to ending the war in Afghanistan, but when he came into office, he was confronted with difficult realities left to him by the Trump administration.

Steven Cheung, Trump’s spokesperson responded saying, “Biden and his administration are trying to gaslight the American people for their disastrous withdrawal in Afghanistan that directly led to American deaths and emboldened the terrorists.”

Cheung added, “Biden’s complete erosion of American deterrence can be directly assigned blame for Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, Kim’s decision to restart missile launches, and Xi’s pending decision to invade Taiwan and Chinese spy balloons surveilling America. And those are only the nation-state threats we’re aware of. The world has become a more dangerous place under Joe Biden.”

On Thursday during a press conference, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy questioned White Spokesman John Kirby about the administration’s pride in the way the mission was conducted asking, “There were children being killed, there were people hanging off of Air Force jets that were leaving, and you’re saying you guys are proud of the way that mission was conducted?”

Here is Kirby’s response:

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The decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan has been met with criticism and controversy from various sources. Many believe the situation was handled poorly, seeing the chaotic scenes at Kabul airport, the loss of American lives, and the Taliban’s rapid takeover of the country have all contributed to a sense of failure. 

This exchange underscores the growing dissatisfaction with the way the withdrawal was handled and the need for accountability from those involved.

Later in the press conference, Doocy asked, “Who’s going to get fire over this?”

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