Beyond scorching! Carlson eviscerates rich white Martha’s Vineyard snobs over diversity and migrants


The liberal whining about illegal immigrants being relocated to deep blue cities was raised to an entirely new level after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent a very special gift to the holier than thou rich white snobs who live on Martha’s Vineyard, the island haven of beautiful people that lies off the coast of Massachusetts.

The already hysterical left-wing media and intelligentsia went bonkers over the audacity of DeSantis’ contribution to the diversifying one of the most exclusively white enclaves in the nation and Tucker Carlson took a blowtorch to them in an epic monologue of pure righteous fire.

(Video: Fox News)

On Thursday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the Fox News host came roaring out of the gates and didn’t let up for over 19 minutes, excoriating the wealthy white liberal denizens of Martha’s Vineyard for their hypocrisy as well as the island’s most famous black resident, former President Barack Obama, a man who speaks with a forked tongue when it come to the diversity that he has championed.

“Finally, a happy story for once. Outbursts of irrepressible joy erupted throughout the exclusive island community of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, last night. For hundreds of years, Martha’s Vineyard has suffered from the soul crushing effects of its own Whiteness,” Tucker began. “Island residents understood there was only one cure. They badly needed diversity. In fact, they often said so, but despite their very best efforts over many years, diversity never came to Martha’s Vineyard. It was tragic.”

“Imagine an 18th century British frigate adrift on the high seas with no lines, sailors slowly going mad, convulsing, dying, excruciating deaths from scurvy. That was Martha’s Vineyard, except it wasn’t lime juice they lacked. They had plenty of that because you can’t make a gin and tonic without it,” Tucker continued. “What Martha’s Vineyard lacked was diversity, which is to say strength. Martha’s Vineyard was a very weak place. As of yesterday morning, that island was 89% White, monochromatic and utterly homogenous. Nearly everybody there was a rich Democrat. 80% voted for Joe Biden. The median home price was over $1,000,000. And then in a single blessed moment, everything changed. Relief arrived for an unlikely source.”

“Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, having made his own state a paradise, decided to help other states desperately in need. So yesterday, the center sent 50 illegal aliens, most of them from Venezuela, to the Martha’s Vineyard Airport,” he said. “They traveled from San Antonio to the Florida Panhandle and filing to their new home on Martha’s Vineyard. CBS Boston reports that after landing, the group wandered about three and a half miles from the airport into town, thereby instantly improving it. You can imagine the unrestrained jubilation on Martha’s Vineyard tonight, long-suffering islanders finally rescued from their own oppressive Whiteness. In fact, let’s go there now to check in on the celebrations.”

Live video feed from the island was unsurprisingly bereft of any revelry, “Well, that’s not expected. Obviously, there has been a mistake. No, our producers are telling us there are no technical problems. That is, in fact, a live shot from Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, right now, but where were the weeping, joyful crowds? Where was the champagne and the ticker tape? We expected Times Square and V-J Day. What we got was a cemetery at midnight,” Carlson said.

He then zeroed in on Mr. and Mrs. Obama, part-time residents of a $12 million oceanside mansion on the island, rolling clips of their own words which in no way, resemble their actions.

“But then last night happened and we started to rethink our assumptions about the Obamas, about a lot of things, because a planeload of highly diverse immigrants arrived on Martha’s Vineyard to join the Obamas, but the Obamas didn’t welcome them. There was not a word from Barack or Michelle Obama. Barack wasn’t waiting at the airport to greet the diversifiers with flowers. He didn’t issue a statement of congratulations. He didn’t invite a single Venezuelan to his home. How come?” Tucker asked. “Could it be that Barack Obama isn’t really actually in real life in favor of diversity at all?”

“Could it be that Barack Obama strongly prefers blond SoulCycle moms and Lululemon to sweaty Third World campesinos and dirty work pants? Could it be? We can’t say,” he continued. “But we can tell you that if you want to find out what people really think, go ahead and ignore what they say and watch how they live and by that measure, the one that matters, Barack and Michelle Obama are every bit as bigoted as any board member in any restricted country club in the Deep South, assuming those still exist. “Those people? They’re not dating my daughter. I could tell you that.”

“So, the words we learned this week that Barack Obama really is a racist and not in the way you’ve always assumed. Obama may hate White people. He certainly seems to, but he also demands to live around them and only them,” Carlson added.

After remarking on the ridiculous likening of DeSantis sending of the migrants to Martha’s Vineyard to the Holocaust by leftist historian Ken Burns on CNN, he drove home one very important point.

“That’s why DeSantis sent the illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard. People who make and advocate for certain policies should at some point have to live with those policies, but until now, they haven’t had to,” he said. “Bill Gates goes to Martha’s Vineyard. So does Oprah, James Taylor, Spike Lee, Amy Schumer, and many more and all of them. Every one is a much better person than you are because they support diversity and now for the first time, they’re going to have some diversity.”

(Video: Fox News)

But it’s just the beginning. Martha’s Vineyard will need many, many more illegal aliens, tens of thousands more, until the island is no longer majority white. Only then can it be a good place. Yet, at the same time, the people who currently go to Martha’s Vineyard are going to have to keep going there,” Carlson said. “They can’t run away to somewhere else. That would be immoral. It would be, as Michelle Obama has told us, ‘White flight.’ Now massive demographic change will obviously make Martha’s Vineyard a very different sort of place, but that’s okay. Change is good. Anyone who fears change is racist. We know that for sure because they told us that for years.”

He later added, “If we’re really going to make Martha’s Vineyard look like the world, the people who vacation on Martha’s Vineyard have created for the rest of us, we’re going to need to import graffiti artists, armed robbers and subway rapists and the drug addicted homeless community, many, many of those and their tents.”

“Why should they be living outside your house when they could be camped on Barack Obama’s $12 million lawn? That seems fair. Why isn’t it fair? Well, unfortunately, don’t expect Obama to see it the same way. He is a racist as we’ve established, and so apparently are his fellow liberals,” Tucker opined. “They are outraged by the idea of illegal aliens near their island vacation homes. Before long, they’ll be tweeting in solidarity with the Vineyard’s White community. Hashtag, ‘I stand with Martha’s Vineyard.’ Little Island emojis in their bios. Hilarious. That could actually happen, by the way, because in the end, liberals really do stand with Martha’s Vineyard against everyone else and honestly, on some level, we can kind of understand why.”

Carlson concluded, “No sane country would allow millions of foreign nationals to walk across its borders illegally and then immediately give them government benefits in exchange for mocking our rule of law. No one would ever do that. It is suicide. Over time, it will destroy the United States. Everyone can see that, no matter what they say, but the people who vacation on Martha’s Vineyard don’t care.”

“They are making this possible. They support it. They vote for it. They fund it, and they can do all of that because they are so insulated from the effects of Joe Biden’s lunatic immigration policies that none of it matters to them. The country collapses? Big deal. They live on an island. but to the rest of us, it is a big deal. This is our country. We were born here. We planned to die here. We have nowhere else to go, and we don’t want to live in a slum. Maybe Martha’s Vineyard will finally understand,” he said.

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