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Super Mario Bros. Wonder is a sprawling platformer with plenty to discover in each of its stages, but if you want to complete the game in full, you’ll also need to visit Poplin Shops scattered around the overworld. At these shops, you can purchase helpful things like power-ups, badges, and more — but collecting all of these things will cost a substantial amount of Flower Coins.

You shouldn’t fret too much, as you’ll likely get the majority of the coins you need by playing through the game normally, but there’s still a good chance you’ll come up a bit short if you’re trying to purchase all 144 standees and get every Medal. Here are our picks for the best Flower Coin farming levels in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Wall-Climb Jump I Badge Challenge

Daisy wall jumps in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

One of the quickest and easiest flower coin farming spots in the game is the Wall-Climb Jump I Badge Challenge in Pipe-Rock Plateau. While this stage requires a bit of practice to perfect your wall jumping, it can earn you a cool 12 flower coins in 30 seconds or less once you’ve perfected the run. That equates to nearly 1,500 Flower Coins per hour, which should net you more than enough to finish up your standee collection.

Jet Run I Badge Challenge

Daisy runs towards a coin in Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Another efficient flower coin farming spot is the Jet Run I Badge Challenge, which also resides in Pipe-Rock Plateau. This stage can be completed in less than 60 seconds per run and can net you 13 Flower Coins each time through. As it’s a three-star challenge, it will require a bit of skill to nail the jumps required to get all of the coins, but once you’ve made your way through a few times, you should get the timing down and be able to score the coins just fine with each pass.

Bonus: Coins Galore!

Perhaps the very best place to score a huge chunk of flower coins is the Bonus: Coins Galore! stage, which unlocks after you’ve beaten the game. This stage can respawn anywhere around the map and requires little to no skill to complete, as you’ll simply move through the linear level collecting tons of standard coins and flower coins completely free of danger. Unfortunately, while this stage can earn you nearly 60 flower coins in less than 30 seconds, the fact that it moves around the map makes it unreliable for consistent farming. Even so, you’ll want to keep your eyes open for its respawns as you play because passing up that many flower coins would be a missed opportunity!

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