Barrett News Media Interviews OAN Owner Robert Herring


Robert Herring Sr built a fortune and a TV network. Jamie Scott Lytle/JP

OAN’s Chloe Hauxwell
2:50 PM – Friday, December 15, 2023

Barrett News Media caught up with One America’s very own Robert Herring Sr. to talk about his life and some of the misconceptions that may be out there about him and OAN.


In the interview published on Friday, readers learned about Mr. Herring’s life story; the many careers and crafts he’s taken up over the years and his dive into the news.

He’s shared his story on One America News before too.

Despite the notion that OAN is a right-wing conspiracy network, Herring explained to BNM that this is the narrative of the legacy media.

“We don’t report the popular narrative, we report the truth, and that tends to make enemies,” he said.

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