Banking and insurance company offers employees 6 weeks of paid ‘Gender Affirmation Leave’


Suncorp Group announced last month that workers would have the opportunity to get paid leave to pursue gender transitions.

The company, which is involved in insurance and banking in Australia and New Zealand, is offering six weeks of paid leave and 12 months of unpaid leave for people to “affirm their gender,” an Orwellian phrase that actually entails the exact opposite of affirming an individual’s immutable biological sex.

Suncorp notes that the transition process can include actions ranging from hormones, surgery, and recovery, to simply informing others about the gender switch and changing clothing style and pronouns.

“Six weeks’ paid Gender Affirmation Leave, and up to 12 months unpaid leave, will be offered to applicable Suncorp employees, allowing those employees to have the time and financial support required to engage in the steps they need to affirm their gender,” a press release states.

“The new Gender Affirmation Leave entitlement offers employees the opportunity to utilise the leave flexibly, which Vera says is important given her ongoing appointments, which often have a significant wait-time,” the company wrote, referring to employee Vera Dawson. “She mentions that some of the appointments she needs to attend are extremely difficult for a person working full-time, but the new leave entitlement offers a new kind of tailored support that would enable her, and others seeking the leave, the financial freedom to meet those ongoing needs.”

The company’s announcement reflects the extent to which big businesses around the globe openly support the reality-defying, gender-bending dogmas of left-wing gender ideology.

Anheuser-Busch recently faced backlash for enlisting Dylan Mulvaney, a man who identifies as a transgender woman, to advertise Bud Light, while Nike angered consumers by having Mulvaney advertise a bra and leggings.

Suncorp describes itself as “a sustainable and responsible financial services Group” that offers “insurance and banking products and services through some of Australia and New Zealand’s most recognised financial brands.”

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