Author Claims Argentina Becoming Fascist. Slapped By Those Who Know Definition.


Welcome to the upside-down. Apparently, the new libertarian president of Argentina is taking the country down the road to fascism by (checks notes) increasing freedom in the country and reducing the size and power of the central government. The Leftist author of the Blade of the Sun book took issue with the new president of Argentina privatizing several nationalized companies. He promptly declared it fascism.

As you can imagine, those users with an actual familiarity with the English language took issue with that characterization. (One would assume that an author would at least understand that words do, in fact, have actual meanings, but we digress)

Thankfully, we don’t have to define it for him, as many X users were glad to do so for us.

Many suggestions were levied at the OP, some of which seem to us to be anatomically difficult at best. Some others were G-Rated enough for us to share with you, dear readers.


Definitely a good idea to avoid dumbing in public, but it may be a lost cause for the hapless author.

Fun fact: This writer’s aunt actually lived in Argentina under Peron. We are quite familiar with what fascism looks like.

For those interested, The Sarcasticat has a helpful graphic.

Or, we could give you the definition from the words of a fascist himself.

And finally an actual dictionary definition.

It really wasn’t a good day for the clueless author. Even with 2,000 likes on his post, he still managed to collect a very healthy ratio. Apparently, X users won’t change definitions just because somebody doesn’t like what the word means.


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