Are Charity and Dotun Still Together? Life After ‘Bachelorette’


Season 20 Bachelorette Charity Lawson gave Dotun Olubeko her final rose and got a marriage proposal in return when the show’s finale aired on August 20, 2023. Given that so many Bachelor Nation engagements haven’t gone the distance, get details on if the couple is still together and what their future holds.

Are Charity and Dotun Still Together?

The pair is still very much in love and basking in their engagement. In an August 26 Instagram post, Dotun wrote, “Birthday wishes and engagement kisses :). Here’s to rolling the dice and winning big in life and in love,” next to photos of couple on a getaway to Las Vegas. The integrative medicine specialist turned 31 on August 22 and Dotun had a blowout birthday bash at The Venetian while sharing several snapshots kissing Charity.

On September 5, Charity shared a series of photos cuddled up to Dotun during a night out with the caption, “Dance partner 4L.” In the comments he responded, “4eva eva <3,” as the pair seem so head over heels in love. Former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher, who married her final rose recipient Jordan Rodgers in May 2022, gushed over the photos, commenting “Happy and in love looks good on you girl!”

Whats Next for Charity and Dotun?

Like several Bachelorettes before her, Charity is going to be strapping on her dance shoes to compete on season 32 of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, where Dotun will be her biggest cheerleader.

“We both talked about it and it’s something that I didn’t really know was going to truly happen, but he, obviously, is so supportive of it, which I admire,” Charity said during Us Weekly’s “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast on August 23. ”And he’s my biggest fan, which is great to have that. So, he will be here with me in L.A. as we take on this — we’ll be doing it together. He just won’t be the one dancing. I’ll be up there, [but] he’ll be along.”

The Georgia native added that her fiancé will “always be my priority,” despite the demands of the show.

“Since the announcement, she’s looked me in my eyes every day and been like, ‘Hey, I want you to know that this is my priority and that just what it’s going to be,’ and [she] has continued to give me that reassurance,” Dotun said. “And I think I’m more excited than she is … I’m like, ‘Let’s do this!’” But I have no doubt in our ability to continue fostering our relationship and we’ll be together.”

Where Will Charity and Dotun Live After Their Engagement?

Charity plans to move from North Carolina to New York City, where Dotun resides. “I’m currently in Charlotte, he’s in Brooklyn … We have obviously talked throughout this whole process, being in hiding, what’s going to be the best-case scenario for us. We are looking to move in together soon. We don’t have a set date right now, but it’s in the works … I will be coming to him in New York,” Charity said on the August 24 “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast. Dotun added their home will likely “be in Brooklyn, one, maybe two stops from the city.”

When Do Charity and Dotun Plan to Get Married?

The couple are aiming for a ceremony in 2025 or 2026. During the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast, Charity assured fans, “We’re not trying to extend this 17 years down the road,” while Dotun explained, “We’re both ready, but we’re both smart. We just want to enjoy what we have. [We’re] still young-ish. Wedding planning comes with a lot and we are just enjoying each other’s company and we just want to build more before that special day.”

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