Arcane will end with season 2 – watch the latest trailer here


After a long wait, Netflix has finally released a new teaser for the second season of Arcane – a truly gripping tale that involves even those who have no clue about the League of Legends universe.

When Arcane premiered on Netflix in 2021, it quickly earned the acclaim of critics and fans alike. The adaptation of League of Legends by Riot Games appealed to both fans of the original title and those who had little knowledge of the game. Arcane captivated viewers with its unique animation style, steampunk atmosphere, complex moral dilemmas and charismatic characters.

Two years have passed since the release of the first season. Although Netflix green-lit the next instalment, for a long time there was no information about season 2. However, the first details about the new episodes of Arcane are starting to emerge. We’ve gathered all the latest news and speculation about the second season.

When will Arcane season 2 release?

According to the latest information, Arcane will return to Netflix in November 2024.

The creation of the new season will take three years – a fact that shouldn’t be surprising, considering that work on the first lasted a whopping 6 years. The creators want to make something truly spectacular for fans.

As it turned out, season 2 will be the finale of the story of Vi and Jinx. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean the end of tales from the League of Legends universe.

Christian Linke, the show’s co-creator, explains in a video published on X that the sisters’ story was planned for two seasons from the beginning. However, the success of animation caused writers to create further series and films set in this universe.

What is the plot of Arcane season 2?

Netflix hasn’t yet released any information regarding the plot of season 2. Presumably, the storyline will pick up right after the bloody events at the end of season 1.

In the season finale, Jinx, frenzied with anger, attacked the Piltover council, which was voting on Zaun’s independence. The attack likely resulted in the deaths of many people, leading to a war between the two cities.

The relationship between Vi and Jinx will remain a central theme in season 2. However, it seems that their bond is beyond repair. Jinx will likely pose a significant threat in the second season, so Vi will try to hunt her down and stop her. Caitlyn and Jayce will probably join the chase as well.

Who is in the voice cast for Arcane season 2?

We expect the following cast member to appear in the next instalment of the show:

Hailee Steinfeld – Vi

Ella Purnell – Jinx

Katie Leung – Caitlyn Kiramman

Kevin Alejandro – Jayce Talis

Toks Olagundoye – Mel Medarda

Harry Lloyd – Viktor

Reed Shannon – Ekko

Mick Wingert – Cecil B. Heimerdinger

Amirah Vann – Sevika

Interestingly, Silco, who died in the season 1 finale, will also appear in new episodes of Arcane. Jason Spisak, who voices the villain, confirmed that he recorded lines for the new season. We assume that Silco will appear in flashbacks.

Is there a trailer for Arcane season 2?

Here’s the first teaser for the show:

Here’s the latest teaser for the finale instalment of Arcane:

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