Appeals court weighs FDA approval of abortion drug – JP


Wilson, meanwhile, asked if the FDA considered that in relaxing in-person requirements, the drug could cross state lines and be prescribed from California to Mississippi. Elrod also asked whether mail delivery of the drug could violate state laws.

“It’s relevant, isn’t it, whether or not there should be an injunction, because if it’s violating other law… then we have to decide whether it’s appropriate to enter an injunction or not. And that’s one of the factors we would consider,” she said.

Erin Hawley, senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, rebutted the government’s argument that the plaintiffs were not harmed by the drug’s approval and regulations.

Hawley pointed to language in court documents that said one of the doctors “cared for” patients, which meant she had been personally affected by completing unfinished abortions.

“If we’re going to parse her words, then that last phrase guarantees that she herself performed them. She wouldn’t know what was involved in those procedures if she were just talking about some colleague,” she said.

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