Appeals court allows review of Mar-a-Lago classified documents – JP


The 11th Circuit opinion was on a Justice Department request to lift part of Cannon’s ruling while it appeals. The three-judge panel was comprised of two Trump appointees, Britt Grant and Andrew Brasher, and an Obama appointee, Robin Rosenbaum.

The ruling covers a small portion of the thousands of documents seized during last month’s search of the former president’s private club and residence in Florida. Earlier this month, Cannon ruled that the government had to stop its criminal investigation into the former president until a special master could review all the documents in the case for privilege issues.

Last week the government requested a partial stay of Cannon’s order for the documents marked as classified, which Cannon denied.

The government then went to the 11th Circuit, and the panel unanimously agreed with the DOJ, finding that Cannon likely overstepped her bounds in siding with Trump. That is in part because Cannon never mentioned “why or how Plaintiff might have an individual interest in or need for the classified documents.”

The 11th Circuit panel wrote that classified documents are under the control of the U.S. government and included information that could cause identifiable damage to national security if disclosed.

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