Anti-Serb U.S. Senator Bob Menendez Under Federal Indictment


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Democrat Senator Bob Menendez, chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee and notorious anti-Serb who has directed U.S. policy in favor of independence for the Serbian province of Kosovo is under federal indictment for bribery and corruption.

Menendez has repeatedly attacked Serbia and its President Aleksandar Vučić, bullying them to try to force them to accept Kosovo’s independence. Since it was forcibly occupied by NATO forces following a brutal bombing campaign of Yugoslavia in 1999 that included dropping tons of cancer-causing depleted uranium on the country, Kosovo has become a client-state of the corrupt globalist cabal running Washington and Brussels that Menendez represents.

Menendez has repeatedly shown his disdain for Serbia, falsely blaming it for the renewed tensions that began when Kosovo prime minister Albin Kurti occupied Serb-majority towns in northern Kosovo and launched a campaign of violence against the population in those towns.

In May of this year, Menendez went so far as to compare Vučić to Vladimir Putin. Speaking at a committee hearing, the New Jersey Senator said, “My message for President Vucic is that: If you want your country to prosper, then create stability and peace with your neighbor in Kosovo.”

While supporting the dismemberment of Serbia in violation of the U.N. Charter, Menendez hypocritically supports the war in Ukraine, claiming the need to defend that country’s territorial integrity.

Menendez was indicted Friday on federal corruption charges that involved his wife and others in a case that includes gold bars, payments toward home mortgages, no-show jobs, and payments for exerting political influence. Menendez was previously indicted in 2017 on charges or bribery and conspiracy. Court filings at that time included claims that Menendez had hired underage female prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. That case ended in a hung jury.

While it is doubtful Menedez’s legal trouble will affect U.S. policy in the Balkans, his removal from the discussion is essential to bring a fair and peaceful settlement to the problems in the region. He has resigned as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, but so far is refusing to resign from the Senate despite calls from members of his own party to do so.

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