An Early Kamala Harris Presidency Might Be a Godsend for Republicans


Indulge me.

This was inspired by my friend and colleague VodkaPundit’s latest installment of his always brilliant weekly column, Insanity Wrap. Here is his conclusion about what needs to happen ASAP with President LOLEightyonemillion:

Biden’s position both here and abroad is so weak — so mentally weak, so physically weak, so politically weak — that something bad is going to happen.

Not pandemic bad. Not proxy war in Ukraine bad. Not inflation bad. Not recession bad.

Something worse.

I don’t know what it is, but a nation this rich and powerful can’t be led by someone so obviously unfit as Joe Biden without inviting something awful, something to make us look back on the last two years with envy.

So Biden must resign. Or get 25’d.

Look, I know that would mean President Kamala Harris, but just one disaster-in-the-making at a time, please.

For years I’ve written that conservatives should never be too eager to get a Democrat who they don’t like out of office because there is almost always a worse one waiting in the wings. Case in point: New York. There was much rejoicing when Andrew Cuomo was unceremoniously bounced from office because he was a walking HR violation. Then he was replaced by Kathy Hochul,  a woman who appears to have cut her teeth working as an executive assistant to Sauron in Mordor.

Never has the Democrat who’s waiting in the wings come with more red flags than Kamala Harris. Biden’s gaffes can be blamed on age-related cognitive decline. Vice President Harris is still a little over two years away from her sixtieth birthday, so the age excuse is off the table for her. It’s difficult to say why so many of her public speaking efforts make audiences think that she needs a field sobriety test.

There’s also the fact that Harris is so monumentally unlikable that most Democrats aren’t even that fond of her, which I reminded my Morning Briefing readers about a couple of weeks ago.

Like Mr. Green, I now feel nothing but distress when seeing Biden wander around on yet another international stage shaking hands with air. The pace of his decline has visibly quickened in recent weeks. The move to get Old Joe out of the way so he can relax and spend some quality time shooting the breeze with Cornpop is probably inevitable.

Until Tuesday afternoon, I was firmly in the “Oh God, not her…” camp when pondering an early retirement by Biden. A switch flipped in my brain while reading Stephen’s column though. A flood of possibilities about why a Kamala Harris presidency to finish out Joe Biden’s term could be one blessing in disguise after another for the GOP hit me pretty much at once.

I’ll share some here.

First, any internal move to oust Biden is sure to be met with staunch resistance from the select few who form the commie cabal that’s running his brain, especially from DOCTOR Mama Jill. The Democratic power brokers will probably prevail, however, and that will create utter chaos. Throw in a new Republican majority in the House and maybe even the Senate and the Dems will spend the next two years running to and from a clown car, slipping on banana peels the whole way in each direction.

Kamala Harris hasn’t had over half a century in Washington to put together the kind of Swamp support network that Biden has. She no doubt has some fervent support, but not enough to be effective if the Democrats get kneecapped on the Hill next month. Yes, the Executive Branch can wreak havoc on its own, but it will be greatly diminished without both the House and Senate to do its bidding, as well as by the presence of Harris herself.

If Joe goes, the 2024 presidential election becomes even more interesting for the GOP.

With Harris installed in the Oval Office before the primaries, the Democrats are stuck with her as the nominee. It’s been clear thus far that, if Biden makes it to the next campaign but doesn’t want to run, Kamala Harris isn’t the first one on Democrats’ minds to pick up the mantle. Last month, Stacey wrote about an episode of The View that featured Joy Behar dreaming of a Gavin Newsom/Stacey Abrams ticket.

Ah…Gavin Newsom. That’s where an early Harris presidency really starts to pay dividends for Republicans.

It’s obvious that the California dictator governor is prepping for a White House run. A 2024 run. His ambition is only exceeded by his arrogance and I can assure you that he’s not in the mood to wait his turn, especially while the Democrats have one of their thinnest benches in history.

If Kamala Harris is the incumbent president and therefore the presumed nominee, it more than likely takes Newsom off of the board for at least four years. That’s important because he is far and away the most credible big money threat to the Republicans. I still like the GOP’s odds in ’24, but I never discount any possibility.

Should — and this could very well happen — Newsom’s ego prevail and he decides to primary a President Harris, the optics would be a MegaMillions and Powerball jackpot win at once for the Republicans. If the first female President of the United States — also happens to be a minority — gets challenged from within by a white guy who oozes more privilege than I did beer sweat in the ’80s, the Democrats might collapse upon themselves and go supernova.

The internal strife alone would be spectacular.

Either way, Harris in the Oval Office makes Newsom far more of a problem for the Democrats than the Republicans.

I won’t delve too deeply into this point, as I’ve written about it a lot in the past. There is no love lost between Harris and the growing younger progressive faction in the Democratic party. There’s already a lot of family in-fighting going on there and Harris in the White House would only exacerbate that.

Kamala Harris undergoing the rigors of a full presidential campaign would almost be an in-kind donation to the GOP. Let us all remember how quickly she wore thin with the Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media in the 2020 campaign. In June of 2019. Harris was solidly in the top three of the crowded Dem field. By September, her big money people were bailing on her. She was out of the race before Christmas, long before the first primary vote was even cast.

Beto O’Rourke lasted longer than she did.

She’s still that woman.

Sure, the MSM will do its water-carrying best for her but there is only so much to work with.

If Trump is the nominee, he’ll be triggering her a zillion times a day. If it’s DeSantis, he’ll be picking her apart. She’s not going to handle it well.

I may not have a crystal ball, but I did find it interesting how all of this hit me at once. In a moment, I went from “Please no,” to thinking that an early Harris presidency might mean that the Democrats won’t get anywhere near the White House for the next 20 years unless they’re asked to clean up after a state luncheon.

Getting back to the original point that Mr. Green made in the Insanity Wrap, whatever is going on with Joe Biden now is — as the other side is so fond of saying — unsustainable.

It’s time to move on.

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