‘Amazing Thread’: Drew Holden Names & Shames Media Outlets That Rushed to Parrot Hamas Propaganda


About ten days ago, after the Hamas attacks in Israel, Drew Holden had a threat about the worst of the hack media takes. 

The “journalism” that followed Palestine’s claims of Israel attacking a hospital in Gaza and killing hundreds of people might even put that to shame, which was a high bar to clear. 

Holden (@DrewHolden360) has another thread chock full of examples of media malpractice following reports that were more concerned with setting a narrative instead of publishing factual information:

No matter how much you distrust the media, it’s never enough.

Media outlets carrying water for terrorists should be named and shamed, and so be it: 


JP has earned a kick in the crotch: 

The Associated Press can always be trusted to be an outlet that should never be trusted:

No list of media malfeasance would be complete without the New York Times:

The paper that referred to the leader of ISIS as an “austere religious scholar” of course participated in the shamelessness: 

MSNBC wouldn’t also peddle disinformation, would they? Of course they would!

Any list of outlets promoting lies has to include CNN: 

The list goes on:

Why do so many people distrust the media? It’s a total mystery!

It was just as bad across the pond:

PBS did their thing as well:

Like the Energizer Bunny, the media BS just keeps going, and going, and going…

Irony has been detected:

Not unlike NBC News’ “disinformation reporter” who helped spread disinformation.

This is just amazing, and NOT in a good way…

Those with “walk back” efforts have of course included the New York Times:

CNN was predictably shameful:

As was the Associated Press, etc.:

There will be ZERO lessons learned:

That’s a good reminder. People are suffering, and the media and others who use the situation to score political points aren’t helping. 

Sadly, it won’t be the last time.


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