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As the festive season draws near, Airbot, a leader in high-quality, affordable home appliances, is excited to announce a special promotion for the upcoming 12.12 shopping festival. This promotion features an array of popular products like the Airbot Aria Pro, iClean Omni X, and the Robotic Vacuum L108S Pro Ultra. The sale commences on 12 December 2023 and runs until 31 December 2023 on Airbot Malaysia’s official website and Lazada Official Store, with exclusive extensions on Shopee until 31 December 2023.

Combating Inflation with Exceptional Value Offers

In response to the challenges of inflation, Airbot is dedicated to providing Malaysian consumers with exceptional value. The company efficiently combines innovative technology and streamlined processes to maintain its quality standards while keeping costs low. Airbot Regional Director, Mr Ong Chun Hong, shares his enthusiasm for the 12.12 campaign, acknowledging the impact of inflation on consumers. He emphasizes Airbot’s commitment to offering outstanding deals on home appliances that enhance convenience, efficiency, and well-being. “We aim to make high-quality home appliances accessible to all, especially during these trying times,” Mr Ong stated.

Spotlight on Airbot’s Must-Have Products

Don’t miss out on these notable Airbot products:

Airbot Aria Pro: Style Meets Functionality

This hair dryer offers 200 million negative ions, temperature control, a magnetic nozzle, low noise operation, and an RGB LED ring light. Available in Pearl White and Silver Blue for RM249.99 (RRP: RM999).

Airbot iClean Omni X: Revolutionizing Home Cleaning

This versatile vacuum is perfect for various surfaces and comes with a special promotion: a complimentary Multicooker iCook with every purchase at RM 1,499 (RRP: RM 6,999).

Airbot Robotic Vacuum L108S Pro Ultra: Effortless Cleaning Redefined

A 3-in-1 robotic vacuum with self-cleaning features, 8,000Pa Max Suction Power, and an automatic process lasting up to 7 weeks.

Exciting Promotions on Airbot Products

Key promotional highlights include:

  • Airbot Aura: Promo Price RM 309 (RRP: RM 699) with an exclusive Shopee add-on deal for an Airbot Induction Cooker.
  • Airbot Hypersonics Pro: As low as RM 369 (RRP: RM 1,499), with a Shopee exclusive add-on deal for an Airbot Home Security Wi-Fi Camera.
  • Airbot iClean Max: Discounted to RM 1,399 (RRP: RM 3,599), with a special Shopee add-on package.
  • Airbot Robot A510: Available for RM 659 (RRP: RM 1,599) with an additional deal on Shopee for a Wi-Fi Camera.
  • Airbot Home Security Systems: G2 and G7 cameras are on special offer with an add-on deal for a 32GB Micro SD Card.

For more details about Airbot Malaysia’s products and the 12.12 shopping festival, visit

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